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Atlantic Chevrolet Cadillac


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1356 Sunrise Highway, Bay Shore, New York 11706
Closed 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM Hours
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Keith Mauer, UCM, Atlantic Chevrolet Cadillac

Keith Mauer

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Micah Gilchrist, Sales Person, Atlantic Chevrolet Cadillac

Micah Gilchrist

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Latest Reviews

March 02, 2017

"Awful, awful, awful!"

- aunt dawnie

While the salesman seemed friendly, the rest of the dealership management was absolutely awful. After being pressured by the manager to 'buy the car today because the price will increase tomorrow,' I was forced to wait 3 hours before I could actually drive home in the new vehicle. I felt like a hostage because I had stupidly canceled the insurance on my old car and transferred it to the new one so I could not leave. Each time I inquired as to how much longer I would have to wait, I was told by the manager that it would be 'about 10 more minutes. The car is just up the road in another lot.' I must point out that this was a Sunday and the dealership was packed with car-buyers. As I said, I finally was able to leave after 3 hours. Ironically, when I returned to the dealership on Monday to hand in the 2nd set of keys for my old car, the showroom was practically empty (only one other customer) What was the rush to take delivery the day before? I have previously leased 4 other GM vehicles with no problem. This was absolutely the WORST leasing experience that I have ever had. I will NEVER return to Atlantic Chevrolet to lease another car.

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March 02, 2017

"Stay Far away"

- Peter Lemmo

I went there to purchase a truck they had online. I filled out Click and drive and had an appointment for 10am to trade my truck in and pickup the new one. I get to the dealer and they dont have the truck there its in their storage lot. We work out the details get the contract done give them a deposit and leave at 2:30 to bring my son to swim lessons and will be back at 6pm to pick up the truck. we go back and they tell me they cant deliver the truck for 7 more days. So when I question why they had me there all morning then had me come back to tell me this. they said they didn't know there was something with they couldn't sell the truck at the price we agreed on until a certain day. It makes no sense to me but apparently this is common practice for this dealership and I was told by numerous other people that Atlantic is known for doing this and have been sued a few times for false advertisement. I guess they didn't learn. Mind you this would be my second truck from them and my wife was also going to lease a SUV from them. Thank god we didn't buy anything from them. Anyone else shouldn't buy from them either!!!

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February 24, 2017

"Worst experience with Michelle solak"

- Unhappywithmichellesolak

First of all I want to start off with saying that my father, myself, my husband and my sister-in-law all have purchased brand new Chevrolets from your dealership well over 150,000 $$. I brought my suburban into the service department because my rear defroster wire came off my windshield. I was told I had a 200$ deductible for my extended warranty. Since I had a deductible I inquired about getting a new keychain remote for my remote start vehicle. Dennis in service told me he would include that in the deductible since I was paying it anyways. He told me it would take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. Two hours and 15 minutes later I asked about the status of my vehicle and I was told they were still looking at it. Dennis called the technician and he stated they were having difficulty attaching the wire back on and would have to order a new back windshield. At that point I asked for my vehicle back. The EXTREMELY RUDE NASTY DISRESPECTFUL service manager MICHELLE SOLAK told me if I didn't pay the $200 deductible I would not be given my vehicle back. She argued back and forth with me. I called Chevrolet customer service expressing to them what was going on. Finally after 15 minutes being on the phone with them and explaining how the only reason I decided to get the remote was because I was paying the deductible anyway they handed me my keys back. I stated how I wasted 2 1/2 hours of my time as Michelle corrected me it was 2 hours and 15 minutes according to her paperwork and stated that I wasted her time too. I have never in my life ever felt so humiliated. I spent the drive home crying because of the way I was mistreated. Nevertheless I took my car to a different dealer and they were able to affix the wire within minutes. Chevrolet customer service called me back saying Michelle solak stated I was yelling at her. Even if I was there is no reason a customer service manager should argue back with customers. They are here to serve the public and make them happy customers. After all she is representing a tremendous company and her attitude reflects on them. If you continue to have her at your place of business I believe you will have many other unhappy customers

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