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February 07, 2017

"Great experience "

- Jasmary

June jermany Internet sales manager was very helpful. It was a very good experience .. there was no bs... got the car I wanted for the right price...

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February 04, 2017

"Jumped in front of our car to stop us!"

- Alanna Mandrou

Tried looking for a first car for my son. They kept showing us cars out of our price range I clearly stated and showing my 17 year old V6s and sports cars! When we decided to leave the salesman kept calling for us to stay and when we got in our car to drive off another salesman JUMPED in front of our car and kept waving at us and yelling at us to stay. No thank you!!! It was a great lesson to my son about why used car salesman made a bad name for themselves!

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February 03, 2017

"Unskilled techs/commision based managers"

- RKO25

I bought my vehicle from this dealership. I'd say I'm fairly happy with the vehicle, but the service department is full of slime xxxxx The managers will test your knowledge, beware. Being I work on several pieces of machinery at my job I'm pretty familiar with electronics and mechanical devices. These guys will tell you anything under the sun needs changed to make a dollar. I wanted them to change the fuel filter last visit because the truck was close to 100k miles. Next visit was three months later to get a routine oil change. And you guessed it....they really really wanted to change the gas filter. No reason, just said it needed changed. I got the feeling they were full of crap when they didn't understand why the rear differential fluid smelled bad. If you've ever worked around axle lubricant, you'd know it has a sulfur smell to it and perfectly normal. The manager/tech at the service center tried to make this into a fiasco and wanted just another dollar, they must really work on commission because they are trying very hard to sell you on unnecessary repairs. I also could tell they were clueless nibs because I suspected something was wrong with one of coil packs my last visit. These guys used every tool from driving the vehicle, charging for a computer diagnosis, and recommending idiotic cures that don't even relate to the issue. I recently found the issue on my own and plan on repairing. I found it funny to let the manager know what the issue was because I originally was going to have them look at it a second time, again because I thought new customers would be treated well being I bought a vehicle from their dealership. Nope, the guy revs the engine once and says "oh yeah, it's definitely a coil pack. Couldn't do that last time huh bud? I'd highly recommend you find another knowledgeable and transparent shop to go to instead of these cash grabbers.

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