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David Stanley Chrysler Dodge


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7609 SE 29th St., Midwest City, Oklahoma 73110
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Robert Johnson, Customer Relations Manager, David Stanley Chrysler Dodge

Robert Johnson

Customer Relations Manager
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Latest Reviews

August 28, 2016

"Happy Customer"

- Steph1

A HUGE THANKS to Matt, Bill, and Chris.. for helping me get into a new car. I appreciate your kindness and understanding to my situation.

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August 22, 2016

"Shady "

- Mikexx8174832

I was not impressed at all the try to rush you through have you sign stuff without knowing a price or interest rate only showed me one car when I tried to leave I got attached my new car didn't even have floor mats

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July 06, 2016

"stay away from this place"

- steph_jordy07

This is our first car purchase in the state of Oklahoma, we are originally from Miami, FL. My fiancé and I first went to the dealership Thursday (June 30th) to explore our options for a jeep wrangler, the salesman proceeded to talk to us about some of the jeeps in the lot, showed us 2 of them and every question of an add on we had his answer was “you can get that after market”. About an hour in we were told to hold on and the salesman left, he didn’t come back for 2-3hrs, at this point we walked out of the place because we just couldn’t wait any longer. The next day, Friday (July 1st) we decided to go back and give them a second opportunity since the jeep my fiancé wanted was there, this time we approached the only salesman who was on the floor at the present time, he, along with a sales manager apologized for the poor service in our first visit. After a few hours of shopping, we sat down to talk numbers, the original price was $29,400 advertised on their website, the sales manager told us that the price we had just seen the day before was part of an offer that had ended that same day, also that because of the financing we chose he had to take “some added-on rebates” off in order to obtain better interest rates (9-11% w/ rebates and 2-5% w/o). So now the jeep is $36,660. All along this process the sales manager is assuring us he would not bank shop unless we had some kind of credit problem (which we did not)– this was a big lie because we now have 4-5 hard inquiries on our credit report. Now we are at the closing of the deal, the sales manager was very rude and degrading when it came to negotiating, questioning our finances with comments like “what’s $11 more? What difference could it make?– followed by “$11 could mean something different to you than $11 to me” which is completely unacceptable, as if we were being ridiculous for arguing about an $11 difference for a monthly payment. At this point it was almost 11pm, we are now receiving the car, not being told at all how anything works on it, and we were extremely exhausted, the salesman Calvin Williams was kind enough to help us drive the new car home, we were told to come back the next day for a detailing wash. The next day we returned to the dealership, not greeted by anyone, the salesman asked us for the keys without even saying hello/good morning, we waited about 2 hours, we then received the car basically in the same condition, the side panels had liquid residue, one tinted window has bubbles, the roof of was dirty, and the car wasn’t even properly dried, we were given our keys back and sent on our way, again, no one ever telling us how anything worked in the car. Today is Wednesday and we were surprised by the fact that in order to obtain tags for the new car we need to pay $1,300 in taxes, and registration fees, not once was the sales manager kind enough to inform us of this or even give us the option to include it in the financing given the fact that he knew we were new to the state. We called and asked for the customer relations manager (Robert Johnson), we were told to go ahead and come in to see him, upon our arrival we are told by the same sales manager who worked with us on our purchase that the customer relations manager was out for back surgery. The sales manager proceeds to argue with us and accuse us of “not doing our research” and saying that it was not his problem we didn’t know, he had nothing to say about the multiple inquiries in our credit score, he asked if we wanted another car wash and if we wanted him to see if the $1,300 could be included in the financing (of course raising our monthly payments), we said no, he literally walked away from us. This is the worst customer service we have experienced in many years, I would not recommend anyone to purchase anything from this dealership, these people are just mean and lack any form of customer service, they will lie straight to your face and make you feel like your $36,660 is not worth a second of their time.

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