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Top Reviewed Employees

Steve Formby, Internet, Longmont Ford

Steve Formby

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Richard Waters, Internet Sales, Longmont Ford

Richard Waters

Internet Sales
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Ed Trejo jr., Internet, Longmont Ford

Ed Trejo jr.

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Andy Alore, Sales, Longmont Ford

Andy Alore

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Latest Reviews

November 17, 2016


- Bluejean

Thank you Ed Trejo for the great service. Love the new Ford Explorer. Very friendly and great service. Keep up the great work. Awesome place to go.

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November 15, 2016

"Carelessness, Lazy, must I go on???!!!"

- Regret buying FORD vehicles!!

What I have observed and learned from this company is extremely horrifying! I can tell you how to improve things until I'm blue in the face, but that doesn't change a thing! Lip service from your company doesn't do anything for me and my husband either! I am so disgusted with the people who represent "Ford", the quality, service, competence, kindness, etc. is simply NOT the representation of this company! This company is the exact opposite! Reckless, careless, incompetent etc. in my field of work I would have been fired on the spot for everything that I experienced with Ford. The "good" reviews that you may read over the internet for the buying experience...I have one true wake up statement to tell you that you are doing right...ANYBODY can be nice, and fake, and kiss butt, and roll the red carpet to do a deal!!!! Your company cannot follow suit with anything else!! You got the money from the deal and nothing else matters from there....it's obvious as the day is long!! People are rude, they are not accommodating, don't care about the customer, or the customer's needs, don't care about taking GOOD care of somebody else's personal property with care, and state out loud that "these are complicated systems to work on" directly to the customer, they lie to cover up their own mistakes, I can continue to go on.....and I will I had service state "what do you want me to do about it" and turn around and say...."I have been busy all day. I have been slammed and haven't had any time." I work in healthcare and to this I say...is it appropriate if I told you as a patient "I don't have time, I have been busy all day, just been slammed." or how about the comment in Longmont from a mechanic that "these are complicated systems to work on" after getting our vehicle back with the brake still going to the floor and oil spilled ALL OVER after an oil change...is it appropriate that I stated during surgery I only sewed you partially back up and fixed part of the problem, it's a complicated system to work on, and the sew job was becuase I was careless and lazy......IS THAT ACCEPTABLE TO YOU???>????? Because it is not to my husband and myself! So you ask for my comments and say that it's helpful for future service experience improvements...I say....FIND BETTER HELP WHO ARE PASSIONATE FOR WHAT THEY DO AS A CAREER, THAT IS WHERE YOU WILL FIND QUALITY, AND EVERYTHING WILL FALL INTO PLACE. I KNOW I LOVE WHAT I DO AND MY PATIENTS LOVE ME AND THE CARE I GIVE THEM. YOUR BUSINESS MODEL NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT!! All I know is my husband and I will not buy another Ford again because our experience has been horrible and there is not a single person out there changing it yet, it takes a team! Its pretty disgusting to find out that there are "specific" stores that are considered ford factory stores.

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November 04, 2016

"Can't trust their word"

- asdfasdfsefw

I recently purchase a truck with under 32,000 miles. When working with the salesmen I was given a multi-point inspection report that showed a green light for everything, with the exception of the cabin air filter. So basically the truck was considered to be in great shape. The salesmen stated that if I noticed something not right with the truck that they would take care of the issue as they want to make sure their reputation is maintained as an honest dealer. Now I knew that whenever you purchase a vehicle from a dealer they will make you sign an AS-IS document; which makes perfect sense to protect them from someone suing them for a vehicle not being in "New" condition. So basically I trusted the word of the salesmen that if something came up that was there previously it would be taken care of. So the day I drove the truck home, I got to a couple tight turns before my house, in which a clicking noise starting coming from the front of the truck. Once looking into it a little further I knew something was not right with the hub area of the front wheel. So the next day I notified the salesmen that I had a noise coming from the truck. He said to setup on appointment with the service department to look at it. Unfortunately I live 2 hours from the dealership so finding a day in which I could waste a whole day sitting there was difficult and took a couple weeks, plus their schedule was full as well. Once I finally took it in, the service department found out the hub assemblies needed to be replaced. Obviously it was pre-existing and not something I could have done on the drive home. The service technician I worked with was awesome, super nice guy, very happy with that service. Yet when he gave me the news he also said the sales manager wasn't going to take care of it and it was going to be $1,000 to fix. I was very frustrated to say the least, as this was something I expected to be taken care of based on the word of the salesmen. So trying to meet them in the middle I asked that they, at the least supply the parts, then I could perform the work myself. About $260 in parts total. I called the service manager a few times, never got a hold of him. I left a message, never heard back from him. At this point they lost any future business of mine, because above anything I value a person word, and in this case they don't at all, its all about making the sale.

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