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Lustine Chrysler Dodge Jeep


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14211 Jefferson Davis Highway, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191
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Brandon Shanahan, Sales Consultant, Lustine Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Brandon Shanahan

Sales Consultant
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Matt Lepage, General Sales Manager, Lustine Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Matt Lepage

General Sales Manager
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Jason Dill , General Manager, Lustine Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Jason Dill

General Manager
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Vicki Koons, Service Advisor, Lustine Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Vicki Koons

Service Advisor
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Latest Reviews

May 08, 2017

"Great Plans, Lousy Execution! But Great Follow-up!!"

- Riggs6

Updated!! I will be back to this dealership. They earned my business back by address?ing my concerns before I left their premises. Mike Dennis was outstanding in filling in the gaps that occurred with the initial encounter. Jason Dill is directly engaged with his staff and Customers!!! This dealership talked a great game and came through with a nice vehicle for me with a good rate and price. However, the reason that they have lost my business is because I communicated with my salesman Karl that I wanted navigation included in my deal. He acknowledged this fact. The navigation WAS NOT added when I picked up the vehicle. They will not add it to my deal, But they want me to pay the y aftermarket price and take more money out of my pocket. I feel I was lied to before and after the fact. Done with this dealership!

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May 04, 2017

"A Horrible Experience"

- Buffyboo8

Would never purchase another vehicle from this place. My partner and I purchased a new vehicle on April 7th. The car was delivered to us rinsed off with no detailing done and it was delivered at 4pm in the afternoon not late at night. We also got no sales man demo of any of the features of the car. They said they didn't have enough time to detail it. The car had been sitting in a lot off site that had a lot of mud. The floor board of the drivers area was covered in mud. There were several scratches that needed to be fixed. We were told that when we brought the car back for those repairs it would get a full detail. While financing we were told the trade-in would be paid off before the next payment on April 30th. The bank processed payment to the dealership on April 18th they didn't pay the trade off until May 2nd. In trying to schedule the "We Owe You" service initially we were told Kate was our customer rep and would call within an hour to make an appointment. Several hours later we called back only to find out that Kate was on vacation. We scheduled the car for the "We Owe You" service on Monday May 1, 2017. Dropped the car off and discussed the payoff with the manager who gave us a slip saying the payment had been delivered to the bank via express mail (5days) and not overnight mail as promised. On Wednesday May 3rd called the dealership and spoke with the finance person about a piece of the paperwork needed on the trade-in. The finance person said he would he would email it within 1 to 2 hours, never received the paperwork from him. Later that day service called to say that a tech would need to drive the car home to test the backup camera in the dark. The tech lived 40 miles from the dealership. That would require 80 miles in order for the tech to find the problem. After a little confusion we finally said no, we had called another dealership and they said there was no reason a tech should have to take a car home to find the problem. During the confusion I will admit I called the dealership manager an Idiot. The manager said since I'm an idiot why don't you just come get your car and take it to another dealership. He also said he thought we were making to big of a deal out of the situation. I said wow this is the way you talk to a customer. He said obviously we aren't going to be able to make you happy so why don't you just come get the car. I asked who is above you and he gave me a name of the owner. Upon hanging up with the manager I called the owner and reached his assistant who took notes on everything that happened and promised he would reach out to me which has not happened. We went to pick up the car and while standing in the cashier line the lady in front of us was having a problem. The lady heard my partner say let's not argue just get the key and get out of here and be done with this place. The lady turned around and said "you too" and began to tell us about her situation. The service manager wasn't being very nice to the lady at all. I told the lady here is an 800 number to Dodge I called them and you should too. The service manager looked at me and said I will give her what numbers she needs. I started to get angry with him but my partner said it just isn't worth it. We finally had the car brought around to us and honestly we could have gotten a better detail job at the drive through car wash. I will say the scratches were very well tended too. They did a great job on the scratches. The windshield was so streaked we had to clean it before we could drive off. The backup camera well we will take that to another dealership to deal with, just don't want any more frustration with this place. According to the manager the so called Life Time Warranty is void if you go to another dealer. Keep the warranty the frustration isn't worth it. Filed a formal complaint with the Dodge Corporation going to let them deal with it for us. I would encourage anyone with a problem to contact the Dodge Corporation at (800) 423-6343 they are very helpful. Sad that you pay for a new car and get this type of treatment after the purchase.

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Jason Dill
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.

April 26, 2017

"Go somewhere else"

- arichiel57

It wasn’t until I went to Lustine that I realized all dealerships are NOT created equal. I will try and stop any family and friends from ever going there. From start to finish, the experience was terrible. We are happy with our car, but I will NEVER step foot in that place again. Check their Better Business Bureau rating before you go; I wish I had. First of all, the salesman did not tell us the car we wanted had been sold. Of course not! Otherwise we would not have went there. They had a large inventory, so I wasn’t that upset. There was confusion about the “Lustine for Life” care; the salesman told us it was included, but during the financing it was revealed that was not true because it was used. We found a car we liked “enough” and decided to buy it. After being there for 5 hours, the finance guy told us he could beat our financing we already lined up. There could not be a more slimy, untruthful way to go about it. After saying no to the extended warranty and protection packages 5 times, he told us the interest rate was tied to buying the warranty. I am certain this is fraud. He was pushing a 6 year loan even though I wanted 5 so the payments would be less. Finally we got it sorted out with his boss. I’m pretty good with numbers; I feel terrible for people who are not good at math. I am sure that is how Lustine makes a ton of money. They use this form called “We Owe” to list things that need to be taken care of before delivery. For us, that included a 2nd key and 4 new tires. When I went to pick up the car, they somehow managed to only put two front tires on. I was dumbfounded. At no point was 2 tires ever discussed, but that is what the service note said. And the key… It was not programmed correctly and would not start the car. Getting that fixed was a 2 month ordeal that involved the aftermarket parts department, service, and my salesman, each of whom put responsibility on the others. Lastly, they didn’t fill up the gas tank on my new car, but called to ask if they could charge my credit card because I didn’t fill up the loaner I received while they fixed the tire situation. I wasn’t even the one who returned the rental because my salesman brought the car to me after the tires were finished. How petty. So many simple things added together with the financing debacle made for a miserable experience. Go to Koons instead!

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