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Oxmoor Ford Lincoln


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100 Oxmoor Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40222
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Heather Phelps, Customer Relations Manager, Oxmoor Ford Lincoln

Heather Phelps

Customer Relations Manager
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September 02, 2017

"Lack of focus and attention to Customer"

- Roberto Gomez

I took my Escape for Preventive Maintenance and during the service the specialist recommend a Wiper Blades changed, which I accepted. When they deliver my vehicle back to me as completed, parts of the old wiper blade were on the floor of the Driver seat, I came back to the service desk and I asked what was that part for or from and why it was on the floor of my SUV. He only mentioned that the part was left behind and everything was ok, no apologies or anything about the lack of detail. Furthermore, when i drove home, it started to rain, so I activate the new wiper blades and they left the plastic cover on one of the new blades. So disappointing. I am not coming back to this dealership at all.

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Employees Worked With

Patrick Casey Smith

August 25, 2017

"Go above and beyond for you"

- Ruby Titanium

Salesman, Duane, was friendly, easy to talk to, got us a good deal, always did what he said he would. I would recommend this place.

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August 18, 2017

"Ford service manager"

- Shawnie1

I came into the oxmoor ford location on June 27th 2017 for an oil change for my 2016 Ford Taurus SEL. I had my oil changed and went on about my day until I later noticed that both bottom side skirt pieces of my car were messed up. My rear passenger door wouldn't shut all the way. I went back up to the store and explained to them I was going on a ten day vacation and I needed my car. The service manager Jamy Tillman looked over my vehicle and made a promise to me that he was sorry for what had happened and when I returned from vacation that my car will be fixed. I came back from vacation contacted ford and they told me the parts haven't came in they would call me. I waited a week no call so I called back. The parts were in but needed to be painted. Ok no biggie I can wait. Well I wait the time they said and I called back and they said everything was good to go. I made an appointment to come in. I came into the store to only get asked if I was here for an oil change. No one knew why I was there because no one was notified. I left and came back the following Monday and they told me that I was a no call on my appointment. I explained to them I was there and they later told me it was a misunderstanding and the wrong person was told about my car. Ok once again no biggie. They go to do the work and the parts are not painted. I had to reschedule again. I was told a date that they would be ready. The date came no phone call. I called next day and the manager jamy tillman once again promised me that he was gonna have the parts in and get everything taken care of for me. Well here comes Friday again and no phone call. I wait until Monday to call and he tells me. Sir I thought we already took care of this problem and everything was ok. Explained to him that my vehicle was still not fixed. He called to check to see if parts were there. I made an appointment to come in Thursday morning. Had my brother bring car in to get all the things that the dealership did to my car to get fixed because I had work. My brother leaves and calls and tells me they fixed everything except the door. I called them and he went back and they fixed the door. Later that day I see the car and the two side skirt pieces that they broke were still not fixed. By this time I'm livid. In one day it took me 3 30 minute drives out of my way to come get an issue fixed that happened 6-27-17 and it's now 8-17-17. I get there ask the manager to point out what they did and everything he pointed out they didn't fix. He went on to tell me that's how my cars body is. He said well I guess we can pull it in and mess with it to see if we can fix it but we've basically done all we could .... By this point I'm beyond pissed. I explained to him why I was so mad and he said I don't understand I gave your brother and sister a ride to the mall (that's litterally not even a 2 min walk from ford) and picked them up. Had gotten them (free) massages that they were doing inside the waiting room at ford. And he gave them movie tickets. I mean that was nice but no one asked for that. This is the third time in one day that I've been to this dealership for the same problem. My car wasn't like this before I brought it to them and he claims it's fixed when the pieces still don't match up. I just wanted to share my experience with this ford to others so that maybe they won't have to deal with this hassle. They don't keep there words and are careless with our vehicles. Incident happened 6-27-17 and partially resolved 8-17-17. I've tried to now contact the gm but he is out of office for meetings. Very disappointed in my experience with this and how I was promised something and didn't get fulfillment of the promise.

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Employees Worked With

Jamy tillman

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