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July 18, 2017

"No call backs, no service work"

- kdk

The navigation on my 2015 RAM 2500 hasn't worked since May. Truck in the shop several times, no resolution. The next to last service visit, the technician tried loading software, no resolution again. And, after i got the truck home, an message pops up on startup that says "Service Electronic Braking System" and then goes away. In addition, the antislip light is on constantly and the cruise control won't work. Service department opened a Star case. I scheduled an appointment a week ahead of time, took the truck to the dealership. They promised a call back to give me a status report. I called after lunch, they told me they would check on it and call me back in about 10 minutes. I received no call back. I went back to the dealership to get my truck and talk to the service manager. He told me they were understaffed and had too much work to do and that this was a bad time of year since they were so busy. He also said there were vehicles there for as long as two months. I do NOT recommend this dealership for any kind of service work unless you have an extra vehicle and are willing to leave your vehicle there for them to eventually get to.

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Employees Worked With

3 different service writers and the service manager

July 13, 2017

"Poor Service and Rude Employees"

- DruFru

Bought a 2017 Jeep Wrangler there about 2 weeks ago, the sales rep made promises that were in no way kept and the sales manager is a very rude and disrespectful person. Sales manager didn't care about working with the customer and was very matter of fact saying "take it or leave it". Completely unprofessional and I really disliked his demeanor. In hindsight I should have walked away, I drove three hours and should have not wasted time or money. I later took my Jeep all the way back over there to have the windows tinted, come to find out they couldn't get it done and denied to compensate me by reimbursement when I got back home to have it done. I understand the tint is a contractor and he didn't make it to work but at least work with me so I don't have to come back. We are talking about $60-$80 dollars to get the two front doors tinted. They offered to pay my gas, after I took off work and drove there. The service department was one excuse after another, the person they had look at my jeep didn't submit it to warranty and I just got told I can drive all the way back to have it done again. The sales rep sent me text messages that I have saved saying their service department is slow and basically blamed them, all they do is blame other departments. It is the sales managers fault, its the service departments fault, etc. I really have buyers remorse now and have been telling everyone I know to never buy at Spirit in Lubbock. I have so much more to add, please please do not buy here, lots of other dealers out there that are better than this.

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Employees Worked With

Andrew Gutierrez, sales rep and the sales manager.

June 09, 2017

"Great Experience!!"

- Stacyr

The staff was more than helpful and easy to work with and went above and beyond to help locate the vehicle we were looking for.

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Employees Worked With

Catherine Wilson

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