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Alan  Teyssedou, Service Manager, Team Nissan

Alan Teyssedou

Service Manager
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Ralph Fast, General Manager, Team Nissan

Ralph Fast

General Manager
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Latest Reviews

November 15, 2016

"Best car buying experience ever!"

- Sherene Lague

This is the first time I have bought a car and had a great experience! I got a more than fair price and exactly would Kelly Blue Book said I would get for my trade.

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November 12, 2016

"Never trust word of mouth, ALWAYS have written proof"

- Shea717

Now I've been a 10 year customer, have got 5 cars In those 10 years along with sending several of my friends there ,where one of them just bought there 2nd car from them so with that being said, I've giving them plenty of business . I've ALWAYS bought the extended warrantys along with gap insurance bc we do live in a state where people don't need to have insurance unless there's a loan on it and bc of my luck not being so great in these past 3 years you just never know. I've financed cars since I was 18 years old, to say the least I know how car dealships work & all the rules & guidelines but unfortunately 3 years ago I lost my job of 11 years and until recently didn't have good luck finding a GOOD job. So with that being said I financed a 2013 Nissan Rogue a lil before I found out about my job . My b/f of 15 years, which we have a 4 year old together as well, also got hit with the news about his job bc he works for a company that specifically merchandises Stop&Shop which that's where I was employed, fortunately he was able to keep his job and get the closest route to New Hampshire but still a long commute with that comes with ALOT of miles. Put it this way it's a 3 year old truck and has 131,000 miles on it but we had to do what we had to do We have never kept a vechile even close to 100,000 thousands but bc of. My job situation they wouldn't even touch me bc some things had to be put on hold which made me credit not as good as it was. And the new model rogue just came out so with the miles & the new model coming out it decreased our rogue a lot put it this way I owe 20,000 and it being worth 10,000 at the most . I'm completely flip floped at the moment so I have no choice and to ride it out for another year . We have always had our vechiles serviced at the dealership and have kept up on everything that needed to be done. Well first it was the air compressor, which is needed to have ac or heat, that costed$ 600.00, then the transmission, which would be $4000.00 which we did not have. We found out on Nissans bulletin that many customers with rogues between 2008-2013 were experiencing the same thing with there transmissions. No recalls though. Strange a 3 year truck with 131,000 miles & the transmission just goes... just didn't seem right but with there extended warranty only going to 100,000 we were clearly out of warranty. I had no choice to contact consumer affairs bc not only did we not have the money , we needed the vechiles for our jobs. They opened a case and got back to us within a couple days and for buying the extended warranty & being such a valuable customer, they paid for parts and we were expected to pay labor. Labor at dealerships are expensive anyways so our cost was 1050.00. Now that was the initial price I was told by roger who was our advisor.Which was still money that we didn't have. I had a 10% of service coupon with gave me additional 100.00 off . Which brought it down to 950.00 which still we didn't have. Being undecided & upset& fraustred Allan the service manager approached me with his concerns on what I was going to do. Explaining to him my past 3 years he said he could get it down to 900 but that's the very best he could do. Nissan has a one to One rewards in there service department and every dollar you spend is a percentage of the total which earns you money u can use on future services. Well knowing that we just spent 600.00 back in July we had just about 80.00 but bc you can only use 25.00 at a time which is completely ridiculous bc that's your money you have earned by doing service at there place , but it got the total to 875.00 which Alan & roger were both there when I said I was stepping out to cal my b/f bc he was the one paying for it so I could get the ok to fix transmission at the 875.00. Which yes it's better then 4000.00 but still money we didn't have . so we verbally agreed on the 900.00 in shop and to use 25.00 at the cashier counter in rewards. So while they had the truck in there shop I remembered that when I went to open the hatchback with the transmitter ,then tried with the handle it wouldn't open. See my b/f is the one that drives the rogue so I just thought I didn't know how to open it so I called roger and asked him if he would take a look for me. See the previous service manager ,Dave, used to take very good care of his customers, I was assuming that roger understood the circumstances we were already in with the transmission, that we couldn't afford anything else at the moment that he would just see if it was something simple, not to get a phone call saying that in fact it wasn't you Shea and he had to use force to get in there and the latch was broken and won't stay shut and that is 400.00 additional. Wow I almost had a heart attack bc Idk common sense and good customer service would have been for him or whoever to stop when they noticed that it wasn't opening the way it was suppose to be and give me a call and say hey I think we might have to use force to get in there so why don't we hold off until u r ready . The price is roughly 400.00 so that conversation did get out of hand bc he told me that the trunk wouldn't stay shut so that when got our truck back it would be flapping in the air . I was extremely angry. I told him I wasn't paying for it , that he or someone would need to figure out a way to make it shut bc that was unexpectable . The next day roger called and left a voicemail saying that the latch was still not working properly but the trunk now stays shut and the truck was ready to be picked up. We had got a rental car from Nissan 1 day prior to consumer affairs give us a answer bc roger told us even if they pay anything the rental car was free. And free throughout the fixing of our transmission. But come to find out talking to Allan that 1 day we had the rental car we were suppose to pay for but I explained to Allan what roger had said and he said he would honor it bc he said it. Which was fair . I contacted roger on Thursday morning and he let me know that the truck was fixed and we needed to come with rental car or we would be charged a day for it . With no notice , & the estimated time frame Allan gave me he said the previous Saturday so I told them if possible Tuesday bc that was my day off and I don't have set times when I'm out of work. I'm done when I finish my stores we did in fact make it to service department before they closed lucky bc roger started to over my bill . Where now he was saying it was 975.00 and I stopped him right there and said Allan agreed to 900.00 and I would use my one to one rewards for the 25.00 and that was the 875.00. Allan wasn't there so I asked roger to call him please since he was the one who said it the first time and then after calling over roger and going over it with him. Now all of a sudden he doesn't remember Allan or all of us talking about it . I was getting super mad, with my b/f & daughter there I was trying to keep calm until after he got off the phone he told me that Allan said he never said that . He said he would take a additional 25.00 off but that was it Seriously I've had enough. After all of talked about it for a good 15 mins that day while Allan was trying to fix my one to one points bc someone had spelled my name wrong and I had 2 different Accounts which I only had 1. I mean seriously who images all of this and I sure as hell wouldn't spend my entire night writing this . This or any of these experiences haven't EVER happened to me when Dave was there and I was explained things too and I was told I would be charged if I was I mean is everyone just out to make money these days. Nobody cares about the customers it's literally let's see how much I can get out of someone and honestly I'm truly reconsidering going elsewhere when the time comes to get a new car bc Honestly knowing that I have to deal with this every time I need something done to my vechile, bc when u have a warranty with a new car u go to the dealership like we ALWAYS have so that it doesn't void your warranty but it's not worth it to me . To literally think about everything in detail before I have to talk to these guys so that I'm he long run I'm not screwing myself. I'm EXTREMELY disappointed, angry, and was a loyal & dedicated customer and hearing roger keep saying well we didn't charge u to look at the trunk and the work we did . Really?!?? If u were charging me it should of been stating when I ask u to take a look not use force to get in and now I have to replace a 400 latch . I don't think so. That's not how this works works or at least it shouldn't be. And to make matters worst EVERY vechile that comes through service gets a free wash & vacuum, I just dropped a 1000.00 and I couldn't even get that ..... so needless to say I was lied too and paid 75.00 more then I was expecting

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November 07, 2016


- Fedup

I was there to purchase a used truck but it wasn't ready when I got there and the picture they had on their site didn't represent the true condition. Decided to go new but they didn't have the color I wanted. In the meantime I found one the exact color and everything at a lower price. I then told the dealership what I had found and the salesman said " Oh they won't sell it to you for that price! It's a trick to get you there and then tell you you don't qualify for those discounts". Well guess what the other dealership sold it to me for the low price in the add. I will not be back to Team Nissan. They are still holding my deposit as some sort of ransome....even though I was told it was a fully refundable deposit. I have emailed them 3 different occasions no answer.

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