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Wilkins Automotive


14 Lifetime Reviews

6913 Ritchie Hwy., Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061
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Top Reviewed Employees

Tom Ebersole, Finance Manager, Wilkins Automotive

Tom Ebersole

Finance Manager
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John Goshell, Sales Specialist, Wilkins Automotive

John Goshell

Sales Specialist
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Latest Reviews

December 30, 2015

"Not In Your Best Interest"

- Renee

This dealership isn't looking out for your best interest. They gave us a trade-in quote way below value on our initial visit. When we went back 2 days later to see if we could work a better deal, they offered us $2,000 less than their original offer. We asked why they would even honor the original offer and how in the world a vehicle could lose value in 2 days, they had no answer. Completely spit in our face and weren't very nice about it. This place should be ashamed of how they wheel and deal. We will never recommend them. Ever! We ended up getting book value on the trade at Herb Gordon Subaru. Worked a deal in 30 minutes, no hassles.

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February 26, 2015

"Purchasing a new Forester"

- LScharb335

I contacted and visited three dealership in my area, and Wilkins impressed me the most. My salesman was Dennis Sanoske, and he was extremely honest and a "sraight-shooter" which left me with a very favorable impressiion...so i went back and bought my care from him. I was extremely plaaesed withn the way I was treated...and all the "numbers" were good. Thank you Wilkins....!!!!! LAWRENCE SCHARBACH

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May 29, 2014

"Horrible Service Experience"

- SarahLorigan

I worked with Stephanie to schedule a 10am appointment. She was very helpful and friendly. Unfortunately, that was the ONLY positive part of my experience. My husband dropped off my vehicle for service before 10am on the day of my appointment. As discussed on the phone, I was expecting a phone call once they hooked my car up to the computer to diagnose the problem. At noon, I tried to follow up because I hadn't heard anything. I was immediately sent to voicemail and left a message on Rick's voicemail. At 2pm, I attempted to follow up again and was then transferred to Caleb's voicemail. Finally, at 3pm I tried to call again and told the attendant that I needed to speak with someone in the service department, as my family would need to make arrangements to get home from work/school and we had no clue what was going on with my vehicle. After being transferred and waiting on hold for several minutes, Caleb answered. I explained to him that I needed to know the status of my vehicle since it had now been in their shop for 5 hours. Caleb put me on hold for several more minutes, only to come back and tell me that it hadn't been looked at yet! When I expressed my concern, he nonchalantly explained that they had some issues in the shop. I told him I understood if there were problems, but at the very minimum, some communication would've been nice. I explained that I tried to follow up multiple times and he responded that if I had called him, he would have let me know. I told him that I had called and left messages, only no one returned my call. He seemed to get a little bit of an attitude with me about it, as if I was an inconvenience for being upset by the lack of communication. He asked me what I wanted to do. I asked when he thought it woudl be looked at and he told me that he couldn't guarantee anything. I asked if he thought it would be within the next hour. When he said he wasn't sure, I asked him to please call me back in an hour to let me know the status. He said that was fine and said "so, if it hasn't been looked at in an hour, you're just going to come and get it?" I said "yes," because my husband, daughter, and I all need to get home somehow tonight and someone would have to bring my husband to get it. Not surprisingly, nearly an hour and 1/2 later, Caleb called to let me know that they hadn't had a chance to look at it...no apologies or attempts to rectify the situation. Between my husband and I, we have two GMCs (one that was bought at Wilkins and the other bought out of state). They've been great vehicles so far and we haven't needed much in the way of service. Since they are both around the 65K mile point, I'm sure they will need more attention. It's a shame I can't depend on the dealer closest to our home for service. Additionally, we generally purchase new vehicles every 3-4 years, I guess we'll be looking somewhere else, as I would prefer to go somewhere we can build a full relationship with sales and service.

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Wilkins Automotive, Glen Burnie, MD, 21061