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"One of the best car buying experiences I've ever experienced. Rob the salesman and Scott the Sales Manager were both consummate professionals and made the experience stress free. The finance team got me the deal I needed and was very pleasant . My new Fiat is absolutely amazing and I can't thank the crew at Fullerton Fiat enough. Great job guys."
"They have a very clean and professional enviroment. I delt with Yipp who was very friendly.This is the best car buying experience I've had to date. Test driving went smooth my salesman was friendly and not overbearing. Once I had settled on the model and trim I wanted, the negotiating didn't go too bad. I had an issue with the way they gave me their offer though it was just written in pen on a scrap piece of paper. They had an offer for my trade in and for the vehicle but nothing about an interest rate ( I wanted to finance through them) it was a Saturday at the end of the month so when I made my counter offers the responses took longer then usual. It took about two hours to come up with a deal. They took about another hour and a half to come up with the final paperwork for me to sign and their car registration database went down so I had to leave with a dealer plate. After the paperwork was signed one of the other salesman helped me grab stuff out of my old car. The car had a flat tire indicator and they didn't know how to reset it this was kind off surprising to me ( in fiats you have to drive for about 10 minutes after filling it and it goes off) I got a good deal, they made some money and I would recommend. The salesman also drove 30 minutes to bring me the registration the next day so I didn't have to go to them. I was there 9 hours total and about three of that was after we made a deal. Room for improvement for sure but no red flags. "