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"I was really disappointed on used car dealers and i wanted a new car for a change. And when Daniela and Daniel assisted me I felt appreciated and valuable as a customer. Would do business again and I hope they assist me again next time. Daniela made trust a brand again. "
"My wife was in the market for a new car, she spotted a Fiat and that became her focal point for her next car. We had talked to other dealerships and kept coming back to the Fiat, not just anyone but it had to be red and a convertible. When we went to Holloway Fiat in Manchester,NH we met Alesha Niswander. Right from the beginning she was very friendly and informative, didn't treat us as customers but like friends for a long time. They did not have the color, so they went searching for it for us, after 2 weeks+ and constant updates, we were called and it was located. We picked it up 9/15/14 and my wife was so pleased and a very proud owner of a bright red convertible Fiat. I would highly recommend Holloway Fiat to anyone who is looking for a Fiat and especially Alesha. She was the best !"