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"Had an awful time with the Fiat sales team at this dealership. It was like visiting a museum of what high-pressure car dealer sales tactics were like in the olden days. I felt like I needed a shower to clean off the sleaze afterwards. I haggled with the salesperson for a long time, who kept leaving to leave to check with the finance department and the invisible manager. When we finally seemed to be close to a deal, the salesperson left one more time, for final confirmation from the sales manager. Sure enough, the sales manager then finally reveals himself, explaining that the prices they had been offering were mistakes. The real price would be significantly more than what they had just provided me (in writing) 5 minutes before. The manager then restarts the whole sales pitch from the beginning about how the dealer would not be making any money on the car, etc. What really offended me was that the manager totally contradicted everything his extremely knowledgeable salesperson had been telling me for the past hour. I left the dealership, and will not return. "
Rosella Gomez
"Frank is an incredible human being he isn't pushy he doesn't pressure you you made my dream come true and I got the car of my dreams Frank you are an amazing human being thank you so much for everything I would recommend your place to everyone thank you again so much"