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"First let me say that everyone I met at Pierce RV seemed friendly and helpful. In a year and a half there were 3 service managers. I originally brought my 2013 coach to them to do some warranty work done, be winterized, and washed/waxed. Supposedly as soon as they took it in to the service bay the CO2 monitor went off and they told me I needed a new one (I had not had any problems with it prior) I couldn't convince the tech that it was probably the motorhome running in the next bay. So, I got the rest of the work done and then stored it there which was fine. I had it de-winterized and picked it up in the summer and took it home only to find that the plugs for the water system were no where to be found. When they flushed the system they didn't replace them. At the end of the summer I returned the coach for wash/wax and winterization to ready it for storage. I called to let Peirce know that I would be picking it up and I found that the winterization did not occur and they were going to have to fix some issues caused by the frozen pipes. I asked them to prepare it for travel - check all of the systems: hot water tank, furnace, generator, change oil in engine and generator, insulate door and windows, wash, etc. When I called about picking it up I found that nothing had been done. Once we picked it up we found that the bathroom sink was leaking and counter top was delaminating. We took it back to Peirce for repairs. When we were ready to leave on our extended trip we went to pick up the coach the hot water element/plug was bent and not in the inserted. The bathroom parts had not been had not been put in and we couldn't fill the water tank. There were water stains on the floor around the bathroom wall. The refrigerator was a mess. It was moldy, gross, and corroded. We did what we could to clean it up but there are parts that are really a mess. We are having trouble with the freezer and the ice dispenser. We had to fill the propane tank - there was more than half a tank at drop off - guess they needed to use it all when they checked the furnace and water heater. We found a sticky substance all over the passenger side under the kitchen slide and inside the compartments. We couldn't figure out what it was until after we had it checked out at another service location - a broken bottle was found, glass was all up under the slide - only thing we could figure was that someone hid or stuck the bottle of Tortuga Rum under there and forgot about it there is no other way the bottle could have made its way under the slide. On top of all of this, our furniture was damaged by the climate. The shades were not pulled down, the moisture or something cause the material to peel. This coach was 3 yrs old and should not have had many of these issues if they would have known what they were doing. We contacted the General manager: who was arrogant , unprofessional, and dismissive, he didn't want to hear everything. He did pay for the bathroom sink to be put back together, the water heater element placed, and the slide looked at but the rest went unchecked. We are very disappointed with the service and the lack of accountability. I would strongly suggest passing on using this RV dealer for service. In my opinion they don't know what they are doing, at least not with motorized RV's."
"This was my first time here. I received excellent customer service. The service department is very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I'm A very happy customer."