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"Above and beyond"

Northampton Ford, unlike any other dealership service department I've visited, goes above and beyond. If there's a minor problem, they don't just tell you that there is a problem and make you feel helpless. They educate you about the problem, and how it can be prevented in the future. The employees are knowledgeable and friendly.

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"Great service"

Always receive great service. Friendly and prompt. Have your best interest in mind. The ford rewards program is also an added bonus. Nice earning free oil changes and money off your bill

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"good service"

Dealership and technicians were very knowledgeable of the car. Gave me a car to use for the time it took to repair transmission. That is much more than I can say for the Ford Focus defective transmission which was replaced at 12,000 miles. I would be hard pressed to purchase another Ford product.

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