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"Very pleased with employees and there knowledge "

very pleased with employees and the knowledge they had when asked about cars, friendly, professional and helpful. Would recommend this dealership very highly. Very pleased

Employees dealt with:

Tim, Linda


"60,000 mile checkup on Ford F150"

Check-in staff for service are very helpful and prompt to get you in. Their estimates of how long the service will take are generally excellent. If there is any problems beyond what was expected they call right away.

Employees dealt with:

Service manager


"$130 for coolant"

I had a warning message show up that said "engine power reduced" so I took it to Northampton Ford as a precautionary measure. I know nothing about cars and apparently all it needed was more coolant. They called me after the "repair" was complete and charged me $130 to put more coolant in my car. This included an hour of labor they supposedly spent testing to make sure it did not need any further work. I am a 22 year old female, new to the area and am very disappointed they took advantage of my lack of car knowledge..

Employees dealt with: