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"New 911 Carrera - back in the Porsche Club again! Very Nice"

I purchased a 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera Black Edition from Pacific Porsche. This is my 3rd Porsche but the first in some years. Richard Presley was my salesperson and was very helpful in walking me through the process. Richard did a great job in checking me out on my new car and made me feel very comfortable with my car. I was introduced to the service team and assured that my car would receive the best of care.

Employees dealt with:

Richard Presley

Inna Eng


"Personalized customer treatment"

Special thanks to Suzanne Campbell for being extra helpful, and going above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with everything. As a customer it is really appreciated when people seem to genuinely care! Thanks again Sue!

Employees dealt with:

Suzanne Campbell


"Used car - Avoid Inna Eng (financial)"

I purchased a used Audi S6 (sight unseen) from Pacific Porsche. Adriana Vallecillo was very helpful in the purchasing process. She was available to answer my questions, nice, and helped to move things along quickly. I live in NY and the car was shipped from CA to NY. It arrived in good condition with to problems as of yet. *The only negative issue I had was when I spoke with Inna Eng (financial). I paid in cash (in full) so that It should have been an easy transaction. However, Inna was extremely rude, not knowledgeable, and main promises that she was unable to keep. After speaking with Inna, I considered canceling the transaction. But I figured that I was purchasing a car, not Inna. Her only concern was that she got paid, and she was extremely rude in making it known to me. My concern was that after a make full payment, that she overnight the cars title, so that I can registar my car in NY. In the past, I purchased a car that I didn't receive a title for 3 months. She promised that she was fed express it overnight. Many weeks went by, and I did not receive the title. When a contacted her about this, she blamed her colleague and was again rude. BEWARE: do not deal with Inna Eng.

Employees dealt with:

Adriana Vallecillo (good), Inna Emg (awful)