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On your current or previous vehicle did you did you experience any issues with rust?



"Service excellence"

Once again I experienced service excellence from pacific Porsche service team. These guys really the the extra step to help the customer. I was impressed with Jim Curtin and Chris Gibson overwhelming assistance. Keep up the good work guys and I thank you.

Employees dealt with:

Chris Gibson


"Check of a couple s anomalies."

Suzanne Campbell and team checked out several questions I had about the way my Boxster GTS worked. (i.e. Why my fan always turns on with the engine, even if it was off when the car was stopped.). She's was pleasant, knowledgable, agreeable and professional. I appreciated the shuttle ride home she arranged and Joel did an excellent job driving as well. Kudos to all!

Employees dealt with:

Suzanne Campbell



" Recent service"

I had a pleasant service experience at Pacific Porsche recently worth mentioning and prizing this dealership hard work. This team doing all their best to satisfy their customers. There were specially 2 gentlemen, Chris Gibson and Jim Curtin the service manager extremely helpful with my Porsche service experience.

Employees dealt with:

Chris Gibson and Jim Curtin