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"worst sales, service and mechanics "

Salespeople, service representative and mechanics were unprofessional, incompetent and dishonest. My car drove perfectly until they serviced it. After Bert Smith serviced it, my car was out of alignment, the engine was unresponsive and dragged, and was noisy. The salespeople wanted to charge me much more than the car's "true car" valuation, and tried to high pressure sell. In fact they were even rude after I paid the appropriate price.

Employees dealt with:



"they fixed my issues "

Traded in my jetta with a fairly new salesman and had issues , but Robert Rickman took care of my issues . If you wan't to but a car visit Robert Rickman !!

Employees dealt with:

Robert Rickman


"Kelly and Larry are awesome"

Kelly and Larry got us the car we wanted,we love our new car. Went to a different VW Dealership had a horrible experience. Definitely recommend Bert Smith VW.

Employees dealt with:

Kelly and Larry