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"Great Experience!"

Buying a car is generally an exhausting and taxing on the nerves. Not so with my experience with Porsche of Plano. I've purchased cars from other dealerships e.g. Honda, Toyota, Acura, Lexus and BMW; but the entire buying and ordering experience with this dealership exceeded all of them. I special ordered a Cayman GTS and Mark Laurenzi helped me through the maze. No muss or fuss. Highly recommended and Kudos to Mark Laurenzi and Suzanne Andries!! L.Lee

Employees dealt with:

Mark Laurenzi

Suzanne Andries



This is the fourth Porsche I buy from those guys and the third time I have dealt with Mark. This man knows every detail about every model. I am definitely a car guy and consider myself rather knowledgeable, yet Mark still helped me pick the best option for me, adding this or deleting that. I am now the happy owner of a '15 GT3 and this is not the last car I buy from Porsche Plano. For those who live in Dallas, go the extra distance, drive to Plano and buy from them instead of the T-Rex Dallas-based dealer. You'll save money and enjoy a truly great experience, from the purchase to the amazing service. I know everyone there and consider them as friends as they all treat me better than one. Bernard Lucien

Employees dealt with:

Mark Laurenzi

Jeromy Boulet

Larry Irby

John Gladwill

Cliff Blackshear

Suzanne Andries

Devin, Beth, Katie, John and more


"Mark and the Porshe Plano team were great!"

We wanted a new Macan in the sapphire blue color (the color that was in all of porsche advertisements before it was available to customers). Mark Laurenzi kept a watch for when the color was available and notified us the day it became available. We ordered it then he updated us every step of the way as it came out of the factory, where it was located on the ship, when it got to port, and called us as soon as it arrived. Suzanne made even the paper work for the purchase nearly enjoyable. She is great! This is not my first purchase from Mark at Porsche Plano nor will it likely be my last.

Employees dealt with:

Mark Laurenzi

Suzanne Andries