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"Suburban Mazda"

I recently leased a Mazda 6 and Derrick Walker was agreat salesman. He was professional, effecient, and knowledgeable about the Mazda. This is our 3rd Mazda but the first one from the Suburban Collection. Overall, the experience was the best! His follow-up is excellent and I love that he will coordinate my service appointments too.

Employees dealt with:

Derrick Walker



Reeven was my salesperson and he was very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this team to anybody looking for a very professional and friendly team. Their finanace guy is also amazing.

Employees dealt with:

Reeven Sana

Jeremy Press

"Great Experience - Love my new Mazda CX5"

I want to thank Doug St. Louis and Suburban Mazda of Troy. They are very friendly and easy to work with, this is my 2nd Mazda CX5 through Suburban Mazda of Troy and they have a loyal customer in me, I will keep going back. Doug St. Louis is a great salesman, very knowledgeable about Mazda vehicles, he is a true asset to the dealership.

Employees dealt with:

Doug St.Louis