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"Great guys who make things work"

I was new to the States and had only been like 5-6 weeks without much credit history. Reveen was very helpful from the moment I met him for the first time. He explained the terms of the lease for me as lease was my preferred option. He helped me throughout the process even though the approval took a bit of time and he kept me updated about the status throughout. These guys got the car from another dealer as I wanted to have a car at the earliest and even gave a loaner till I got mine. They got the best deal for me available and I would highly recommend them and go to them for my next car. I am extremely satisfied with them and would thank specially Reveen and Nathan.

Employees dealt with:

Reveen Sana


"Customer service"

The salesman was very nice and helpful. He fixed a good price for us so we immediately signed with him. He arranged to bring the car we want from another dealer. We are happy with our experience with them.

Employees dealt with:

Doug St.Louis


"Customer servive"

Everybody was very friendly. The service on my car was very timely and efficient. After the service on my car was complete everything done was explained. I'm very pleased with the quality of service I received. Thank you.

Employees dealt with:

Derrick Walker