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typical used truck buyer

"they lied"

They lied about the price. The finance guy said he was giving me stuff, the prices were in the itemization. Would never go there again.

Employees dealt with:

dont remember there names



I find the Service personnel who handle the paperwork to be excellent with a great attitude. What is totally inept is the actual service. I have had an oil leak allegedly fixed 3 times, so while they are OK at the routine, they are not at all skilled at the complex problems like mine. They eventually basically blew me away, and basically considered me a complainer, even thought the car used 1 quart of oil per WEEK. This problem has now been elevated to the GM corporate level. Further, under recall the brakes were fixed as they fail when crawling as in parking,. This has recurred, and they once again, told me they could not duplicate the recurring problem, even when the failure caused my wife to hit a wall. In conclusion, they talk a good line, but when 'push comes to shove' they fail completely. I rue the day I bought this lemon, but since I am beyond the 2 year Lemon Law period of time, I can only resort to legal action if it cannot be fixed by another dealership.

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"bad service"

Had a bad tire and oilchange person was very out of sorts told me he could not get me a tire for the weeken I asked if he tried elsewhere he said they don't answer the phone was there for 3 hrs this was my third car I bought there never will again and I work as a manager in a restaurant Wil pass it on Mr Donald Arcand

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