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"Worst dealership out there!"

I was bullied at the Lou Bachrodt chevrolet dealership on St rd 7 in Coral Springs. These huys Dave, John & the finance guy were relentless & brutal. I walked in & told them what i want & they showed me exactly the opposite. I liked the car but was overwhelmed & when i decided i needed to think about it overnight i really couldn't believe what they said. First the finance guy told me i have to take the deal b/c he already printed the paperwork. Then John said he really needs his bonus so if i dont sign he won't get it (like i care). Then the finance guy begged me to sign w/o putting any money down so they can at least get their bonus. It was VERY clear to me that they didn't care about me or what i want or need at all. It was discusting. I would NEVER go there again or recommend anyone to go their either! I then eent to Kia on Federal hwy where i had the best experience with amazing dealers who were the exact opposite of Lou Bachrodt. Kia now has my loyalty & i would recommend that dealership over any other...& i went to a few. Kia rocks!!

Employees dealt with:

John Vitale, Dave, Finance guy w whit hair


"Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer"

Kenny "G" Gillard at Lou Bachrodt Coconut Creek was a true professional and a gentleman. He went out of his way to get me the best deal when I recently sold my Porsche Cayenne and his amazing customer service provided for a seamless, fluid transaction. It is rare to find someone of his caliber in this industry and he truly sets the bar when it comes to vehicle transactions. If you live in South Florida, ask for Kenny "G" Gillard and you will not be disappointed. His title is BDC/Internet Director, so he can probably help you no matter where you live. Highly recommend!!

Employees dealt with:

Kenny "G" Gillard


"Terrible Customer Service"

Brought my Corvette in four times for basic maintenance... Nothing more than an oil change or alignment.. Every visit ended badly. They over promise and under deliver every time.. Do your self a favor and find another local dealership... Its wroth the extra drive time if necessary... Here are some of things I experienced, even under the new management. 1. My wife had an appt for an oil change. She arrived ontime, only to wait two hours... Not a problem if she wasn't 8 months pregnant and with a two year old.. They told it would be a half hour. 2. They say you can drop cars off at 7am and get a ride. That would work if the service writers came to work on time. Twice I was there at opening.. Only to wait until 7:15 for anyone to show up.. Then when they do... they don't even bother to apologize. 3. Communication: Good reaching them and don't expect a call back... 4. Don't expect the car to be ready when promised and don't expect a call to let you know its done.. Twice they failed to call me... so I was forced to call over and over... only to have them not answer. 5. Drivers hate management: The staff does not play well. Get in the car with a driver and all they do is complain about how bad management is.. and they are right!!! 6. Check who is doing the repair work. they will put unqualified techs to fix your car. Had a friend that worked there. His stories about their shortcuts are scary to say the least.. You have been warned.. Go there at your own risk.

Employees dealt with: