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"bad service"

Had a bad tire and oilchange person was very out of sorts told me he could not get me a tire for the weeken I asked if he tried elsewhere he said they don't answer the phone was there for 3 hrs this was my third car I bought there never will again and I work as a manager in a restaurant Wil pass it on Mr Donald Arcand

Employees dealt with:



"David Hirsch is excellent service advisor"

David Hirsch , one of the service advisors, was especially kind and considerate and very helpful to me in the service department when i brought in my spark for a new battery. Thank you ,David !

Employees dealt with:

David Hirsch


"Traumatized Over the Chevy Recall"

My vehicle was taken into Chevy May 19th for the ignition switch recall. Already, a big deal. I was given a 6-8 week time frame for my parts to be manufactured, sent in, and installed. Now being August 21st..... 13 weeks out my cars recall has been performed. Timing was not the only problem! When I received my call that my recall had been performed, I was prompted that my battery was now dead and my car would not start! I wonder why a car would not start after sitting for a recall in the hot garage... It wasn't started for 13 weeks!~ Of course, that would not be Chevy's responsibility to fix. They already lost so much money for the recalls and having to pay for rental cars, THEY MUST TRY TO MAKE SOME MONEY! Needless to say several employees were not even remotely helpful with the battery situation. Michelle Dysch talked down to me as if I did not understand how a battery even worked. She also was very rude in every aspect of the conversation. I spoke with individuals who are directors in the service department and neither of them were flexible or understanding my frustration either. After phone calls and emails to others a part of GM, it was all sorted out. I did finally get word that they would replace my battery with no cost. Unfortunately, it did not stop there. Casey Salman another man that works in the Chevy service department was the gentleman who did final paperwork with me before I received my car. His smug, disrespectful, and arrogant behavior was completely unacceptable! I was treated poorly because I was the customer who got exactly what she wanted and deserved. Not to mention the fact that when signing final paperwork I was for the first time informed that I also needed new tires and brakes. Thank you so much Lou Bachrodt Chevrolet for warning me on the remarkable conditions of my car immediately before I leave in it and never use your service again!

Employees dealt with:

Michelle Dysch, Casey Salman