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George Hodges

"Thank You: Ashley and Rhiannon"

Ashley is an outstanding salesperson. She was very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the car I went to test drive. There was no pressure at any time and she knew the right questions to ask. When it came time to finish the paperwork and pay for the car Rhiannon had all the paperwork ready to sign and made sure I knew what I was signing as we completed that process. Central Florida Lincoln should be proud that they have these two professionals working for

Employees dealt with:

Rhiannon Mayer

Ashley Wolfington


"Lincoln MKX 2013"

Excellent no pressure purchase. Most friendly and knowledgeable salesman we encountered in town! I feel we got a fair deal and happy with my purchase.

Employees dealt with:

Amine Allam


Brittani Preschel

"Impressed with new service department"

Impressed. I went in for a regularly scheduled maintenance appointment that I made over the phone. I was greeted by a very friendly person who was waiting for me with clipboard, knew my name and gave me his complete attention. He confirmed my info and led me into the service waiting lounge which is amazing, fresh snacks, couches, big screen tvs??? he said they just went through a complete renovation and it showed. Almost like i was at really nice hotel lobby with a concierge. A little while later he came in and said I had a minor issue, but not to worry all work was under my warranty and my loaner car was waiting for me. I was skeptical, but it was right there. They gave me the exact car I drive for a loaner car (brand new and clean), and confirmed when my vehicle would be done within my timeframe. The service advisor even helped me move all of my personal items from my car into the service loaner-- including my son's car seat! I am very impressed with this service experience and will definitely be back again. nice to know they take care of their customers when it really counts.

Employees dealt with:

James, Service Advisor