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"Great Buying Experience"

Nathan quickly responded to our internet inquiry. Nathan accomodated our schedule and even stayed 3 hours over the end of his shift to ensure we taken care of professionally. We would highly recommend Nathan to our family and friends looking to purchase a new vehicle. Jurgen Ramil & Ilah Pilaczynski

Employees dealt with:

Nathan Mikhlin

Kathleen moynihan

"Will be returning"

Jackie is one of the most down to earth sales persons I have ever worked with; sincere, honest, knowledgeable. She, Russel and Frannie made this the best experience; no pressure and no games how refreshing !!! The waiting area has a fireplace couches, stuffed chairs and a TV plus a play area for children and dogs!!! All this and not to mention..... I love my 2014 'ice silver' Subaru Crosstrek!!!! Would very recommend Capital to others ~

Employees dealt with:

Jackie, Russel, Frannie


"Sales Rep Dionte Smith"

I'd like to recommend Dionte Smith to anyone shopping at Capitol Subaru for his great service to me recently. I found him attentive, knowledgeable and courteous. We met with Dionte at the end of October and test drove an Outback. I felt comfortable talking with him and would definitely return and ask for him should the need arise.

Employees dealt with:

Dionte Smith