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"Excellent Customer Service"

Carl Dederich at Hendrick Performance Subaru is fantastic. He was patient and low key, giving us several test drives of new and used Subaru Imprezas and Crosstreks over the course of a couple of weeks. He stayed late on Friday evenings to answer all our questions, and responded quickly via email. Carl made us feel very comfortable with the process, and is working hard to help us find the right car. I would highly recommend Carl.

Employees dealt with:

Carl Dederich


"Dan Murdock was Great!"

Wound up not buying a car from them but not due to anything other than our budget. We wound up purchasing a used car that we found elsewhere. We were considering a new Subaru though. We worked with Dan Murdock and i must say, he was great on every level. Took me for the most complete and thorough test drive i have EVER been on anywhere. Was never pushy and answered every question we had. His follow ups were courteous and never sounded desperate which is a refreshing change. Would Highly recommend them. When i'm shopping for my next car (most likely a Subaru) i will be back to see Dan.

Employees dealt with:

Dan Mathis


"Performance Subaru corrected the high labor charge for 2..."

Performance Subaru corrected the high labor charge for 2 low beam lights and are refunding some if the charge. The fact they looked into it and saw the overcharge has made me extremely happy. I will continue to have them service my Subaru.

Employees dealt with: