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Active Hybrid BMW

"Don't go to this Dealership for Service or repair RUN!"

My car was perfect, I would say flawless, it is a 2012 BMW Active Hybrid (very rare) only 19K miles on it. I let BMW convince me into bringing my car in for a Recall , (they called it a Customer Care pkg)That was my biggest mistake EVER! Well it went downhill from there. Car was driven recklessly , technician damaged my car. I was told he hit a Pot Hole and blamed it on the construction. I was also informed by Gil the Service Advisor the Guy was reprimanded for damaging my car. Lets list some of the unacceptable behavior that went on with my car, When my car would be returned to me, I got cheerios in my back seat floor board, Black greasy hand prints on my interior , someones personal CD left in my CD Holder, Scratches all over my wheels, Several gashes on my drivers door, car vibratesnow. Bent rims, car pulls to the right, it went from 19k miles to 24 k miles all for taking in a car for a recall. Damage on my front windshield, Horrible window tint job, Damaged electronic screens, Damage underneath my car , from what Gil said it was the Tow Truck driver, Parts underneath my hood are busted, A few of the items they did repair with an apology but for the most part, all I continue to get is the polite run around. Please go to a Dealership who appreciates and knows how to service a BMW. Do your self a favor and don't go here. Oh and let me tell you about the loaner they gave me. The side had been sideswiped, the interior smelled of a wet dog and lots of dog hair in the car. The perfect car for someone who is allergic to dogs. WOW!

Employees dealt with:

Gill, richie, Shawn ,


"Quick fast and professional "

Came in and saw Almando. Very kind, professional, and personal. Easiest car purchase experience I have had to date. Highly recommended salesman. I will be using him for all future purchases.

Employees dealt with:


mike f

"Sergio Fabian"

Sergio was extremely helpful and went the extra mile tobget me into my vehicle. He got me a great price and into the vehicle I wanted.

Employees dealt with:

Sergio Fabian