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brittany h

"oil change"

I was in and out of the service shop quickly. My car was washed inside and out, i was not expecting that. The man helping me was friendly. He was helpful and cooperative.

Employees dealt with:

dont remember names


"the best time buying from rome kia than buying from other de"

i want to let you know how happy we are buying a car from rome kia besides the salesman richie broom was the best salesman i ever dealt with with any other dealers in the past he is a great person to work for you and he knows how to please people and not not sell a car you should be so lucky to have a man like him work and be part of the rome family i want to say thank you to everyone in the enfield kia dealership for making this happen for us we are so pleased and want to thank the financial office there to for making this happen you do have a life long customer at rome kia please make sure you thank richie broom for the great help he gave and the great personal family feeling he showed to us a great guy to know

Employees dealt with:

mr. richie broom


"Great Service"

I had a great experience purchasing my new vehicle. The salesman, Dave Jordan, was extremely helpful and gave me great information. He really knew what he was talking about and he helped me choose the features for my car and gave me a good deal. Without him I probably would not have purchased the car.

Employees dealt with:

Dave Jordan