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"Oil change and front brakes"

What can I say? Excellent service yet another time. Went in for an oil change and I also ended up needing front brakes and rotors. They put 2 techs to work on the car so my wait time was minimized. I have been very pleased with each time I have come in for maintenance.

Employees dealt with:


Frank P. Jackson

"Very Well Satisfied-"

Both Jeff and Julio are indeed "men of their word". They had my 2015 Kia Optima ready for a repair paint job to the left rear bumper this past Monday, 9/28, as scheduled. I was completely satisfied with the paint job. Kudos to whoever did the paint repair. Frank P. Jackson

Employees dealt with:

Julio, Jeff


"service experience "

Jeff, the service advisor, is a man of his word, a quaity missing today, made and makes the service experience less traumatic. I believe he is an asset to the organization

Employees dealt with: