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"Great purchase and service"

I purchased a used truck several years ago and the purchase process from sales to financing to pick up was painless. The experience will keep me coming back.

Employees dealt with:

Brian Standiford


"Ferris "

I would like to thank Brian Staniford with helping me find my Toyota Tundra crewmax. He found it in no time for me and I still love it to the day. Thanks Brian and ferris for the help

Employees dealt with:

Brian Staniford and dean miles


"Knowledgeable and friendly staff"

Convenient trip to Ferris. I was able to purchase and finance my vehicle through Travis. He was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. He was able to get me the vehicle I wanted for a great payment. I highly recommend dealing with Travis at Ferris and will do business with him in the future.

Employees dealt with: