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"Not all dealerships are created equal."

I saw a nice toyota online and went and test drove it. Nice car but poor customer service. Very high pressure sales and throughout negotiating it was like pulling teeth to get to a reasonable price. I will be taking my money elsewhere.

Employees dealt with:

Jon Graf


"Total Waste of Time"

We've been car hunting for 3 weeks now, so when I seen the vehicle I wanted on line, I called Ferris to dicuss the vehicles condition before making a 2 hr trip to buy. The salesperson told me the vehicle was perfect on the outside & in, knowing I was driving 2 hrs, said he would have it waiting on me. We arrive at dealership & take it for a test drive....outside was very clean, car seemed to run well.....luckily my husband decided to start pushing buttons & checking things out, after further inspection we realized the a/c & sunroof didn't work:( The salesman said that many people don't use the sunroof & he was sure the a/c was fixable. So we go to make a deal & write up a contract, he told us to make an offer, so we made an offer $450 under asking price & ask that these two things be fixed. After speaking to the owner, the sales man comes back & says they want full asking price & they wont fix sunroof!! As you can imagine I wasn't happy after calling ahead to check on condition of vehicle & driving 2 hrs to have my time wasted on junk! I know they thought we would cave & buy.....for the most part even after coming home mad I was gonna call & reoffer to take with a discount due to sunroof not being fixed, however I came home to further reseach the dealership.....glad I did!! These reviews speak for themselves, out of 6 reviews I read only 1 happy customer.

Employees dealt with:



"Terrible Dealership!!!"

I'm not going to waste my time saying a whole lot about these guys, but I would definitely recommended going elsewhere to buy a vehicle...or to even get an oil change, for that matter. They're salesman are shysters...service advisors are liars...service technicians are lazy and very complacent...and the owner, well... is the root of the poisonous plant!!! Don't expect them to go above and beyond!!! Once they have your money...their job is done!!! I just can't waste anymore time reviewing these guys. Buyer beware!!!

Employees dealt with:

Pat, Rich, Ryan, etc.