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James Schrock

"Top notch customer service sales and service"

Bob Hickman, my sales consultant, is very knowledgeable in the Toyota product line. I told him what I wanted which led to the Toyota Camry XLE V6. He was able to locate the car I wanted in a matter of a few days. The person in finance and customer service representative were both helpful and genuinely interested in ensuring I understood the leasing process and the features of the car. After one year of service, I believe the Toyota Camry is the best car I have owned or leased. I am also impressed with the service department at Ferris. The service advisers are very courteous and actually greet me at the door.

Employees dealt with:

Bob Hickman, Coyla Schupbach, Mark Sexton


"Exceeded expectations!"

Purchasing my new vehicle with Ferris Chevrolet exceeded all of my expectations. I was given royal treatment by very personable and professional people on all fronts. It was an amazing, pleasurable, and easy experience / the easiest and most "no pressure" auto purchase I have ever done. Steve Rothel was wonderful with the sale and was very knowledgeable and caring. Lisa couldn't have more awesome in delivering the vehicle. The business and financing aspect was simple and done with excellence. This is one wonderful dealership!

Employees dealt with:

Bill and Pat Ferris, Steve Rothel, Lisa Alsept, Travis Metzger


"Very Knowledgeable staff!"

A very knowledgable staff that was very eager to assist me with my decision to buy a 2012 Chevy Sonic. Very clearly explained available features of the vehicle and others that were similar in size, price, and fuel mileage. Very helpful financing department also! I will definitely be returning in the future for another vehicle!

Employees dealt with:

Bob Hickman, Travis Metzger