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"Anyone need a new car? Yes please! "

My husband and I came by and purchased a 2015 Rogue. Maddy was our saleswoman and she was great. She was not pushy at all and gave us our space to take a look at the vehicles we were interested in. She got us a great deal and threw in LOTS OF PERKS!!!! Thanks Maddy! We will definitely come back for another great deal in the future!

Employees dealt with:

Maddy Martinez



Took a half day from work so I can purchase a certified rogue at my local Nissan dealer. From the very beginning I was very up front in what I was looking for. I wanted a fair trade in price for my car ($10,000(which I had previously priced at multiple Honda and Nissan dealers recently- so I know what it is worth), I wanted a fair price for the car I was buying (which it was), and the whole deal would be contingent on a low interest rate which I easily qualify for. I also did not want to waste time as my three young children were there impatiently waiting for me. The salesman immediately took the keys for my trade in so he and manager could inspect. I then chose the car I wanted to purchase. When the salesman (Jonathan) asked me if I wanted to test drive it I told him that I did not want to waste time until I knew for sure the price for my trade in would be fair as I know what it is worth. We sat down and he then offered a grand less (9,000) than other dealers. I explained to him that he needed to go up a thousand if he wanted my business. After consulting with his manager he told me he could go up a grand. I then test drove the Rogue and was happy with it. Never even negotiating sales price as I was satisfied so long as the interest rate was right. So now that we agreed on sale price and trade in it was time for credit application. As requested I disclosed my life story including social security number, salary, bank account numbers, employer phone number etc.... And as expected I qualified for the low interest rate I was looking for. Unfortunately Calabrese (Yorktown) Nissan and manager, Mike Czerniak had other plans. Mike comes over and tells me that they would only give me 9,000 for my trade in instead of the previously agreed upon 10,000. When I called him out on misleading and lying to me and explained to him that the only reason why I signed the credit application was because I thought we had a deal, he had the NERVE to say that he had to do it to make sure I was really qualified. Are you serious????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The manager openly admitted to deceiving me so I can be fooled into disclosing personal information and applying for credit that I would not need! .Absolutely disgusting! There must be a legal implication there somewhere?! 2 and a half hours of my families life was wasted based on lies. I would advise everyone to stay far away from this place

Employees dealt with:



"Terrible! Dont bother"

I tried on two occasions, to purchase a van for my buisness. On the first visit they , treated me like I was crazy on my trade in price,which they called 20 min after I left and wanted to do the deal.very shady. Next time I wanted just to look at a 1500 nv And not only were they nasty on the phone,they would not take the time to go to there lot less then a block away to meet me to show it to me. They didn't have it on there main lot and further they played that game where they take your keys and didn't give it back for 2 and half hours the prior visit and I was not falling for that again. Very shady,nasty dealer!

Employees dealt with:

Mike Czerniak

Joe Caldararo

Justin Rosado

Tierrea Saunders

Shawn Hutton

Jeff Laytin

Dan Poggiogalle

Jenette Legeret

Kwan Thorton