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I came in to take a vehicle for a test drive and after talking price with them I was able to walk out with a new vehicle. The salesman, fiance manager as well as all employees were very knowledgeable along with excellent customer service. If you looking for any vehicle try Kendall first......you will not regret it!!!!!!

Employees dealt with:

Dan Stevens

Srt8 charger

"GREAT experience"

Came in from out of state for a specific vehicle. Great service, great price, amazing interest rate, and very impressed with the car. Everyone was super nice and went way out of their way to make sure i had a great experiance. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Thanks to Courtney and Casey, the sales people, for all their help and getting my car setup with UConnect and satellite radio.

Employees dealt with:

Courtney, Casey



We purchased a Jeep Grand Cherokee from Kendall. Had trouble with the instrument cluster. They ordered the part to fix it. After a month, I never received a call so I called to see if the part was in. It was in. Now I am scheduled to get it installed. I was very disappointing that I was not notified.

Employees dealt with: