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"Quick, smooth, buyer-friendly experience."

I purchased a pre-owned vehicle from Park Place Porsche yesterday. This was not a high-end vehicle, but I couldn't tell that from how I was treated throughout the entire transaction. Eric and made me feel totally comfortable and worked very quickly within my budget to get me the best deal and on the road. I'm totally impressed with the shopping experience and will definitely recommend them to others as well as come back to Park Place Porsche when I'm looking for my next vehicle.

Employees dealt with:

Patrick Huston

Eric Mazariegos


"The Best Car Buying Experience Ever"

I went in to have my car serviced, but I became interested in possibly purchasing something different. Chris spent a lot of time helping me find exactly the car I was looking for. He was very knowledgeable, and it was quite obvious that he truly had my best interest in mind. This is a person who really loves what he does and it shows. The deal went very smooth with no pressure or haggling. Because of Chris's professionalism, patience, and knowledge, Park Place's top notch environment, and Porsche's highest quality automobiles, this was the best car buying experience I've had to date. Thanks.

Employees dealt with:

Chris Allen

Das Auto

"Second Porsche"

We purchased a 2016 Macan S and traded in our 2012 Cayenne. Wade Days took excellent care of us throughout the process and kept us apprised of the car's movements from Leipzig to Dallas. Wade is a Park Place veteran and is extremely knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions patiently and never tried to sell us on anything we did not need. We look forward to working with Wade on all future Porsche purchases. Thank you, Wade!

Employees dealt with:

Wade Days