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"New 911 Turbo"

I had owned a 2013 911 Turbo for almost two years and it was my favorite car of all time. I was so thrilled with it that I wanted to stick with the brand as I upgraded. I know am in my 2015 911 Turbo and the process with Park Place went very well. In all my cars through the years in all levels of dealerships, I have never had the quality that I had in Wade Days. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a new Porsche. He even called me while he was on vacation to check in and see how my new love was doing. I am a Porsche man for life.

Employees dealt with:

Patrick Huston

Wade Days


"Excellent Porsche 911 buy from Jordan Price ParkPlace Dallas"

I had been looking to buy a Used Porsche 911 (new model). Using Cars.com I was able to speak with many different Dealers and Sales consultants. I found Jordan Price to be simply the BEST of all! He was very helpful, knowledgeable and super responsive, he would answer all my questions even via email/text at night. First car I was interested in at PP Porsche, I test drove it with Jordan but then a couple days later it was sold, while I was still contemplating.... Jordan kept an eye on the Inventory coming in and kept me posted. Finally I found my car, and he helped me through the process, price negotiation, Sales closing as well as Post-Sales making sure I get all that is needed done in that Car, all in a vey fair, respectable, and efficient manner, Jordan shows that a Sales person can be 100% helpful on the Customer side and that buying a high-end car can be seamless and enjoyable. A+++ Rating for Jordan Price and PP Porsche Dallas, I am a customer for life now. Jeff A.

Employees dealt with:

Jordan Price


"Is it about the customer experience or maximizing profit"

I have purchased (3) $100,000 plus cars from Park Place Porsche in the past 3 years. Jason England for what it is worth is an excellent salesperson

Employees dealt with:

Jason England