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When selecting the dealership where you acquired your current vehicle, how much did the reputation of their SERVICE DEPARTMENT influence your decision?



"Wonderful buying experience."

The best experience I have ever had in buying a car! I walked in without an appointment to look at a Porsche 911 during my lunch hour. Kevan was more than happy not only to show me the 911 but take me on a test drive. He was very knowledgeable about the car and the whole test drive was a great experience. When the test drive was finished I asked if he could run some numbers for me and get back to me. Kevin was more than happy to do so and didn't make me fell pressured in buying the car like other dealerships I had been to before. Kevin made me very comfortable, no pressure and no games. I went back to work and within a couple of hours called me back with a great offer and I told him I wanted to sleep on it. Kevin was very understanding, didn't make me fell pressured into buying the car and said "no problem, I will be here all day tomorrow, sleep on it, and please feel free to call me with any questions, concerns." After a few hours I called him back and said I would take the 911 and if I could pick it up the next morning. The next morning Kevan had the car ready and all the paperwork filled out and ready to go. He made me feel at home with the Park Place Porsche family and I was in and out with my Porsche 911 in under an hour. It was the best car buying experience I have ever had with no sales pressure or games. A truly wonderful experience!


" 2000 carrera 4 purchase"

Haven't had as good an experience as this was. Kevin all answered my questions as requested, plus providing pictures of any imperfections, and the R.O.'S' for service performed at Park Place from 2008 to My delivery date. I'm not one to rave about new car dealers, having owned at least 150+ autos, but Park Place will and has been getting referral's to all my car nut buddies. It has been a real pleasure dealing with Kevin and all his professional team. Peter from Phoenix.

Marlon R.

"Exceptional/Prodigious Customer Service"

My wife and I are from Houston, TX and we had completed a lot of research on a Land Rover LR4. We extended our web search to include Dallas, TX and it was the best move we could have made. We completed a web interest form to the Park Place Porsche dealer late on Saturday, 3/14/15 and we received a response from Kevin early on Sunday, 3/15/15. He expressed a genuine interest in making our car buying experience with PPP D memorable. He explained that he would ensure that we left the dealership in the vehicle we wanted and at a price that both parties could live with (considering we had a trade in with some negative equity). On 3/16/15 my wife, son and I made to trip to Dallas and was greeted by another sales agent who advised he would assist us until Kevin made it in a short time later. Our experience with this sales rep. was impressive to say the least. Once Kevin arrived the sales process was smooth and seamless. There was a little compromise on the part of Kevin, the finance manager and us. This lead to us securing the vehicle we wanted! This was by far the best car buying experience we have ever had. It may sound like fluff, but I am being 110% honest about this experience. So in closing thanks again Kevin and the entire team at Park Place Porsche Dallas! I now have a happy wife and as the saying goes happy life! LOL. Marlon R. Houston, TX