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"Terrible customer service, very dishonest, do not trust them"

First of all do not waste your time with these shiesters. I have read similar reviews to mine wish I would've read before I went! I spoke to a salesperson named Sean V, over the phone. After much bantering back and forth for an entire day we finally agreed on a price on a vehicle and I told him I would be down the very next morning to purchase the vehicle. By the way the vehicle was overly priced in the first place, way over NADA. I called the morning of the appointment and let him know I was on my way, just making sure everything was still as we had discussed, he said yes, and I drove 3 hours to get there. When I arrived Sean informed me that someone else was interested in the vehicle I was buying and they were actually on a test drive in it as we speak. I then proceeded to tell him that we had already made the deal and I was ready to sign on he dotted line? He said he doubted the other couple would be able to purchase the vehicle as he heard they had a bankruptcy in the past 8 years (what?? He can't tell me that? I'm sure it's against all privacy policies?) anyway he had me wait in the waiting room with my 2 small children for 4 hours telling me the vehicle is still mine just had to wait it out?? The end result was the other people bought the car for the original price way over blue book and they wanted to sell it to them because I was paying less! Then they kept me there all day and told me they would "make it up to me" and sell me a different vehicle for a good price! I talked to a manager and asked if this is truly the way they think they should treat a customer who had an appointment and a promise to buy? He said "yep, happens all the time!" Very rude people, very dishonest, and I would not waste one second of your time going there. I left and went to Camp Chevrolet on Division, I worked with a salesperson named Gene. Totally different experience and a great one at that! Everyone at Camp was very professional and not pushy.

Employees dealt with:

Sean V


"Infuriating and upsetting "

I live in the Portland/Vancouver area and had been in contact with Dishman Dodge in Spokane, Wa. I had found a 2015 Dodge Ram 2500 with the options I was looking for and it was at this dealership in Spokane. I currently own a 2009 Dodge Ram 2500 which I was looking to trade in. I called them and dealt with a salesman over the phone. We agreed on a new purchase price and talked about a trade in value on my truck. I gave them the VIN, the condition and the aftermarket options that I had put on the truck. Prior to making the drive to Spokane (5 hrs), I confirmed that we were agreeing on a purchase price for the new truck and a trade in price (range) for my truck around 18K to 19K, understanding that they did need to look at it first. The salesman said "I just spoke with my sales manager and YES, we will be around 18K to 19K for your truck." So, I started driving. I got 3 hrs into the drive and called again, to ensure that the truck was there for the price we agreed on, I did this because all of the local dealerships said that Dishman would bait me there and then once I was there and had driven 5 hrs, they would not have the truck. Amazingly, the salesman said that he did not have the truck and it had been sold out from under him this morning at 8am (when the opening on this day says 9am on the website). I was upset and stopped in Kennewick, Wa until we could figure this out. After a lot of back and forth, the salesman found a similar truck, so I continued the drive. Once there, I was presented with a trade in value of 14K for my truck. This made me furious. The so called "Sales Manager" said that the mechanic had checked it out and he presented me with a list of things wrong. On this list were parts that either I had replaced myself or had been replaced at a dealership under a DODGE recall. I called him out and told him that these things were not worn or broken; I KNEW THIS FOR A FACT!!. The sales manager would not budge. I told him to give me my keys and that I was leaving, he would not counter his offer. I asked to speak with the sales manager and he told me he was the manager, which I did not believe. I demanded that the mechanic come out and show me these broken parts that he had listed and he was too chicken xxxx to come out and explain his findings. I then demanded to speak with the GM, who I was again told was the guy that presented me the low balled trade in price. I said, "OK, let me speak with the owner.....They shielded him from me and told me he was not here at the time; they would not even allow me to leave a voicemail with him. I was so furious that I was shaking! This business BAITED me into driving 5hrs (10 total now) with the agreement that certain numbers would be met; and they weren't. I had taken 10hrs off of work to drive here, spent money on travel, food and gas, now I had put approx. 700 additional miles on my truck. I asked for my keys and paperwork and left, shocked and upset!! Then, the sales person tried to keep my credit app with all of my information on it; seemingly to sell to some other company. I am a United States, Combat Arms Veteran, which this salesperson was well aware of. This is a very clear picture of how this company, not only treats their community partners, but also how they treat this country's servicemen and women. I then called ahead to a local dealer from back home and tried to have them secure this new truck and do a dealer trade. They called Dishman Dodge and attempted this, but Dishman told the m that the very truck they were asking for, had been wreck and driven into a pole....I had driven this truck 2hrs prior to this call with the salesman and my mother in law. They would not trade the vehicle because they knew it was me attempting to secure it. Clearly......Lying, Baiting and Avoidance is a pattern of practice here at Dishman Dodge because this very reputation preceded my contact here; I was warned of this very thing but went anyway. I had left a message with customer service days ago and no one has returned my call. This trip here cost me $700 - $1000 with missed work and trip expenses. In my opinion, I would avoid doing business with Dishman Dodge at all costs!!!

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"Service department below bad"

No help in trying to resolve problem. They will not admit they may have made mistake. See YELP for full details along with others who have had problems.

Employees dealt with:

Shayn in service department