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Jessica Guzman


I have experienced personal stress, negative professional impact, financial burden, and inconvenience. Here is the timeline of events I’ve experienced: R/O 9/20/14 – promised and extra key and the rear headrests that were missing, the engine light was on and the tail gate would not close. On 9/20 - went for spare key, headrests, and engine light & was told the wait was 30 minutes, but waited over two hours to find: headrests were NEVER ordered & only spare key in stock will not program. While they turned the tailgate sensor and engine light off (Issue: Cylinder Misfire P0301), we still sat for over an hour and a half before they even looked at it. No apology, update or shred of customer service. I was told the keys and headrests would be available in a couple of weeks & no call. Early October - called to discuss the experience. No manager called back. I followed up again was told the manager (Tom M) had left. Asked to talk to another manager, was promised a call back by Shane before 5. He also left w/o calling. After escalating, another manager (Richard) called me back and told me that no headrests were ordered until we had come in on 9/20 and it takes two months to receive them. RO 10/17/14 Late September, the engine light came back on. It was on for several days, then off, then back on, then off. So in addition to having no keys, headrests, I am still having issues with the engine. I called, arranged an appointment, and dropped my Jeep off at Dishman Dodge. I asked them to do a full inspection and fix any issues. I told them I wanted an alignment and to check the vibration. I asked them to make sure the brakes were new. It was there for days, and received no update. I called. I was told there was an additional part needed to complete the repair (Issue: Cylinder Misfire P0301). I asked why no one called me. No answer or apology. I asked if the Jeep was safe to drive, and was told it was, so I told them to give me my vehicle rather than inconvenience me, and call me when this part arrives. 11/3-11/13 repair finally complete & told brakes are fine. R/O 12/3/14 the temperature issues began. The heat would not turn off. It just blew hot air at full blast. It was cold out, so at least it was heat coming out and not cold air – but it certainly ate up a lot of gas. I had also noticed what sounded like air coming from my windshield. So - I did as I had before. I called, scheduled an appointment with this dealer that I have no faith in. They took my vehicle and a few days later, they said the temperature issues were fixed (caused by a battery drain) - and that sound I heard was the tires. Battery drain? Tires? Really? I had had the Jeep for almost four months, and it had been in the shop for almost half the time I had it – and the only positive thing about my experience of purchasing this Jeep so far was the fact that it was covered under the original warranty and all the repairs were covered 100%. Just like Dishman’s repairs, this was also short lived. R/O 4/2/15 It actually went three months with no issues, which felt pretty good. Just as I was hoping to put this nightmare behind me, the engine light is on AGAIN (Issue: P0456 evap system). I made the appointment - they “fixed” the issue – or so they said. Dishman charged me a $100 deductible. They stated all repairs to my Jeep now fall under the extended warranty and I will be responsible for the deductible. Dishman’s response: It’s not our problem. R/O dated 7/3/15 In late June, the issue from December returned. Temperature controls would not shut off. I had hot air blowing at me in the summer. I find a local dealer – Benoy Motors & provide all the paperwork received by Dishman for records. Benoy found the control head failed - another $100. R/O 11/5/15 - the engine light is on again. Another appointment, and a call to Dishman service to report. Dishman's reply: It's your problem. When I drop off the Jeep, I report – vibration in the tires, noise from the windshield, auto-start not working in addition to the same issue form April (P0456) Again, something Dishman had claimed to “fix” results in another $100 deductible for something that should have been fixed and I already paid $100 deductible for just six months before. Additionally, the noise from the windshield is not the tires, but that the windshield requires sealing, a weight on the tires requires replacement ($40), and brakes are bad. Dishman service stated a year ago that the brakes were fine, they lied. R/O dated 03/21/16-On 3/8/16, the engine light came on again. It lasted for four days and then shut off. 3/15/16 - the Jeep started making a loud, grumbling sound. Several issues including: leaking water pump, loose belt tensioner, loose fan clutch, and faulty serpentine belt. I want peace of mind. I want to stop waiting for the next issue to occur. I am completely fed up. I want to ensure that Dishman Dodge takes my situation seriously.

Employees dealt with:

Shane, Tom, Curtis, Richard


"Prices are so far over retail, sales people are very pushy"

Second vehicle we purchased. First one the service was good. First vehicle had major catastrophic mechanical failure on the way he from the dealer. Dishman towed it back and fixed it for free even though it was used. And this is the reason we came back. Second purchase was about 5 years after the first. What a different story. Salesman was so pushy and tried to strong arm us into a purchase. We don't buy vehicles on emotion. We but them because it makes sense financially. We tried to walk out after the salesman was being very mean As soon as we hit the door his attitude changed. Although his attitude changed he would not leave us alone to go over the vehicle in detail by ourselves and find what was wrong with it. In hindsight we should have made him leave us alone or left without buying. On the way home the radiator exploded spraying antifreeze everywhere. Also the gear in the distributor let go on the drive home and the rotor was smacking the cap causing a timing issue. Luckily being a mechanic I was able to get the vehicle home. I contacted the dealer and there was no offer to make it right. I put a new radiator in myself and also replaced the distributor. The total cost for parts was only about $185. But if you had to have this done at a repair shop it would have been about 7 hours of labor and about $265 in parts at retail cost for a total of $740ish. Now that we have driven an additional 14 miles after replacing the radiator and distributor it is apparent that the head gasket is also bad. I would of liked at least a ln apology for selling a vehicle that needs over $1500 in repairs before it even got home 54 miles. The only response I got was we will use this as a training issue. We will never be using dishman Dodge again. And as far as price. Do your research. Look at retail pricing on KBB and NADA. You will see that even after you negotiate several thousand dollars off the price you are still above retail. Do your research. Do not trust ANY dealer especially Dishman Dodge.

Employees dealt with:

Joe Bowman,


"Terrible customer service, very dishonest, do not trust them"

First of all do not waste your time with these shiesters. I have read similar reviews to mine wish I would've read before I went! I spoke to a salesperson named Sean V, over the phone. After much bantering back and forth for an entire day we finally agreed on a price on a vehicle and I told him I would be down the very next morning to purchase the vehicle. By the way the vehicle was overly priced in the first place, way over NADA. I called the morning of the appointment and let him know I was on my way, just making sure everything was still as we had discussed, he said yes, and I drove 3 hours to get there. When I arrived Sean informed me that someone else was interested in the vehicle I was buying and they were actually on a test drive in it as we speak. I then proceeded to tell him that we had already made the deal and I was ready to sign on he dotted line? He said he doubted the other couple would be able to purchase the vehicle as he heard they had a bankruptcy in the past 8 years (what?? He can't tell me that? I'm sure it's against all privacy policies?) anyway he had me wait in the waiting room with my 2 small children for 4 hours telling me the vehicle is still mine just had to wait it out?? The end result was the other people bought the car for the original price way over blue book and they wanted to sell it to them because I was paying less! Then they kept me there all day and told me they would "make it up to me" and sell me a different vehicle for a good price! I talked to a manager and asked if this is truly the way they think they should treat a customer who had an appointment and a promise to buy? He said "yep, happens all the time!" Very rude people, very dishonest, and I would not waste one second of your time going there. I left and went to Camp Chevrolet on Division, I worked with a salesperson named Gene. Totally different experience and a great one at that! Everyone at Camp was very professional and not pushy.

Employees dealt with:

Sean V