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"Great customer service. Everyone makes you feel welcome. "

Middletown Toyota was the only place that made me feel welcome. Did not feel pressure at all. It was all about my needs. Awesome place

Employees dealt with:

Aurelio Figueroa (Fig)

Jim C.

"Service visit"

I had a scheduled appointment with the Middletown Toyota Service Dept on Wednesday, Oct 26, 2015. I was greeted by a Team member and he was immediately helpful in getting a battery for my remote starter button. I went up to the Service Desk and was greeted by Bruce Nielsen (Service Advisor) and he was pleasant, answered my questions and his estimate of repair time was spot on! The previous Toyota Dealership I visited in Wallingford could not hold a candle to the professionalism shown by the Middletown Toyota Service Team. My vote for Employee of the Month is Bruce Nielsen.

Employees dealt with:

Bruce Nielsen


"Great Salesman"

George Juridini was our salesman about 6 months ago when we purchased a pick-up truck. Because of his personable nature and attentiveness we sought him out today to purchase a new family car. We were very pleased with his knowledge and patience as he helped us to find the car that was right for us. We highly recommend George and Middletown Toyota.

Employees dealt with:

George Juridini