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BMW of San Antonio


390 Lifetime Reviews

15507 IH-10 West, San Antonio, Texas 78249
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Top Reviewed Employees

Yvonne  Garcia at BMW of San Antonio

Yvonne Garcia

Senior Client Advisor
Elise  Delage at BMW of San Antonio

Elise Delage

Senior Client Advisor
Josh Barraza at BMW of San Antonio

Josh Barraza

New Car Director
Steven Page at BMW of San Antonio

Steven Page

Client Advisor

Latest Reviews

November 27, 2019

"Recently bought a CPO X2 2019.My salesperson Jorge..."

- rmsant1952

Recently bought a CPO X2 2019. My salesperson Jorge Godinez was awesome! Had good knowledge of car features, was very proffesional and patient. Would certainly have him help me in the future if needed.

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Employees Worked With

Other Employees : Rubyvwas very nice and helpful

October 02, 2019

"I'd probably have given Kirk a 3 right up until he sent..."

- DanielRMoody

I'd probably have given Kirk a 3 right up until he sent me a text message begging me for a "perfect ten" review and then debated with me and defended his lackluster service when I responded that not only was that not going to happen, but that begging for a great survey rating is gauche in the extreme. In this particular case, I'd already complained to the sales manager (who cared only slightly more than Kirk), so the text was in even worse form than it would be usually. 1. Kirk cares about the sale, he doesn't care about you. - He misspelled my address. I pointed it out immediately. He brushed it off and said it would be worked out and that this one piece of paper didn't matter. It probably won't surprise you to know that my address is misspelled everywhere now. - He promised me my CPO X5 M would be detailed. When I picked it up, it obviously hadn't been. I pointed that out, asked about it, and Kirk threw his detailing colleagues under the bus, telling me "it depends which guy does the detail" and said it would be taken care of in my first service. There's so much wrong here it's difficulty to categorize, but I'll leave it in the "doesn't care about you" category. 2. He has no clue about BMWs - I know Kirk used to sell Audis and recently moved to BMW, but he's been around long enough to have learned about the cars. As an example, I had trouble getting the tailgate to close from the driver's side armrest control, and he responded that this was a "German safety feature" and added "lol" in his text response. First, he's absolutely wrong. He made up an answer so I'd stop asking. I knew it was possible and figured it out. I'd gotten an error message and solved it. Such a sales guy move - first rate blowoff BS. (In fairness, there's a piece of "Kirk doesn't care about you" here too, but I'll chalk this up to lack of knowledge of the product he sells. - I asked how to set up the car so I could tell it to take me home. 30 mins in the parking lot later with another person called in for an assist, and it still doesn't work. 3. I think he's unethical - Kirk did a couple of small things that likely violated rules to benefit me and probably win me over to give him high ratings; however, what it really did was make me question his ethics. If he's willing to violate rules set by his employer, why would he care any more about screwing me over to benefit himself? Answer: he wouldn't. So, while it may seem like a way to fast-track trust building and relationship building, it really just erodes traut and breaks down relationships. Look, Kirk is a decent human being and I'm sure a great guy to have a beer with. I wouldn't buy...well... anything... from him, much less a $65K car. I think Kirk is an inexperienced salesman, or just operates in a really poor system set up by BMW of San Antonio that incentivizes bad behavior. Given the interactions I had with 2 sales managers, I'm inclined to believe that may be the case. I will say that both the Director of sales and the GM's assistant (who shielded Nick, the GM, from talking to me when I called and asked to speak with the GM) were very good in that they cared, empathized, apologized, and worked to correct the problem. That said, somehow there's a disconnect from those two higher-ranking people and middle-management & the rank-and-file sales people. I certainly fault leadership for that. Regardless of leadership's failings, Kirk is still accountable for his behavior, which I find appalling.

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August 19, 2019

"Good customer service but question your charges"

- jbenington86

Please check how much you are being charged for certain services. I had several services completed all at the same time and there was an error in what I was charged after everything was complete. My oil changed/fluid top off jumped from ~$150 to $200+ due to the error. However after getting some attention through the BMW survey and BMW of San Antonio is reimbursing me the difference. I should have questioned it when my estimate was pretty far off from the actual cost for routine services. Thankfully I have owned BMWs for many years and have experience with pricing at several dealerships across the country otherwise I might not have know. After my reimbursement BMW of San Antonio is slightly higher than most dealerships I have been to in the past (4) and is reflected in my updated rating. On a good note Ms. Miller was great in taking care of everything for me when I brought the vehicle in and picked it up.

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Employees Worked With

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BMW of San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, 78249