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Don Johnson Motors Inc


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2101 Central Blvd, Brownsville, Texas 78520 Directions
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1 Review of Don Johnson Motors Inc

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November 18, 2015

"High pressure service department, high pressure fiance depar"

- Hebuttt

Starting with taking my 2008 dodge ram 1500 in for oil change, I was tasked into things I did not need. Unbeknownst to the service department "salesman" I had just had a new rear end put in. He said that I needed my rear end fluid replaced after looking my vehicle over. When I added him why a brand new rear end needs new fluid, he changed his mind. And then talked me into $1800 worth of stuff, including a antifreeze flush, that I realized afterwards had already been done a year ago. It doesn't seem right to have to be knowledgeable in these things in order to not get ripped off at a major auto dealership. Isn't that why we take our vehicles to "reputable" dealerships? So we can trust them to not rip us off by padding the services, knowing we don't need them? Then, because I was too lazy to drive to the next town to buy a new Dodge, I gave them another chance and was assured I wouldn't have to deal with the ripoff service man again. Now, the finance department high pressured me into $7000 worth of nonsense added to my loan. A brand new vehicle doesn't need an expended warranty. I also got talked into some theft deterrent program for 3 years. And GAP insurance.... My head was swimming with stscjd if papers, sign here, sign here, let's add this, and that. It was like being interrogated, I just wanted out of there. I should have said no I didn't want all these add-ons, especially adding an exorbitant amount of money to my loan. I realize they are in business to make money, but does honorable behaviour or integrity ever trump greed? After having s chance to finally read all the fine print, I decided I wanted to cancel these extras so 7 days, 4 emails, 2 live chats, 2 voicemail messages to finance girl, 2 emails with salesman that sold me the truck, and I still do not have the forms I need to cancel these policies, not have I been contacted with any sort of explanation or the forms. I have filed a complaint with the Texas licensing department. And when I explained to the salesman I would not be buying my next new car from him, I got no response. Just horrible. I'll drive 20miles next time and I won't buy a Dodge again. Thanks for the worst customer service ever!

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