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Hall Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Virginia Beach, VA

845 Lifetime Reviews Review Dealership
We are open. The health and safety of our staff, customers, and community is our top priority. At Hall Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Virginia Beach, our dealership offers incredible new vehicles like the 2019 RAM 1500 and 2019 Jeep Wrangler, along with a large selection used cars, trucks and SUVs by today's top auto manufacturers. Visit us for a test drive today!

3152 Virginia Beach Blvd.

Virginia Beach, VA



Top Reviewed Employees

Shane Woolard at Hall Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Shane Woolard

Sales Associate
Benjamin Stewart III at Hall Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Benjamin Stewart III

Sales Associate
Tharrington Battle at Hall Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Tharrington Battle

Sales Associate
Mark  Eckert at Hall Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Mark Eckert

F & I Manager

Latest Reviews

November 19, 2020

"Shane was great at getting the car transferred from the..."

- tmalcom47

Shane was great at getting the car transferred from the Newport News location and having it ready for me to test drive the next day. He was polite and helped with everything thing we needed. I would recommend him if you need to buy a car.

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Employees Worked With

September 13, 2020

"I purchased this vehicle from CarMax 1 Nov 2017. Drove..."

- MichelleM

I purchased this vehicle from CarMax 1 Nov 2017. Drove my children to & from WI for the holidays in it which I find disturbing now. I began to smell diesel exhaust fumes intermittently at first which I attributed to other vehicles on the road. It became over powering & constant so I took it to Hall Chrysler. I was told that Pomoco Chrysler had not only replaced the exhaust manifold & installed it incorrectly causing extensive damage & the fumes in the cab but they had replaced THE ENTIRE MOTOR on a truck that only had 47,000 miles on it a little more than a week before I bought it. I am a GM person & have been my entire life. I did my research & decided to give Ram a chance because I really wanted to try out the EcoDiesel. I spent $40,000 on a used vehicle & now I have no idea the history of the motor. Why did the motor have to be replaced at 47,000 miles? Is it a new motor? If so this should have been noted due to the new break in period. If it’s not a new motor, where did this motor come from? Where is the service record for it? How many miles are on it? Is it covered by any type of warranty & if so where is that paperwork? Was the motor in fact installed correctly? Pomoco replaced the exhaust manifold incorrectly which voided the warranty on that, so what happens when it’s the motor, too? Why does Car Fax report that Pomoco replaced the battery in the same time frame? What was wrong with the truck that caused many of the major components to be changed at such a low mileage & why was this not addressed before the vehicle was sold to me? I bought a truck that I pay $750/month for & because of a certified dealer’s negligence I was forced to be without it for almost 2 weeks with no apology, explanation, or compensation what so ever. I contacted both Pomoco and Ram Customer Service to get the answers to my questions to no avail. On 9 June 2018 I took this truck back to Hall for what I thought was a simple oil change. Later on that day they called to tell me that the oil change was complete but they could not get the truck to go in reverse. 6 days later I received my truck back and they informed me that the software was out of date and was now good. 11 February 2019 the truck was towed to Hall by a friend of mine as I was out of town and loaned him my truck. He had driven the truck to the gas station and got out to make a purchase inside only to come back out and find the truck would not start. My Service Advisor Baker Alder told me the battery needed to be replaced because when they jumped my truck, it ran as advertised. I was skeptical but ok’d the work. Battery replaced, truck still will not start so Baker tells me the fuel injection pump needs to be replaced. I asked how we went from the battery to the fuel pump when if the fuel pump was bad the truck wouldn’t run even if you jump it. At this point he tells me he never said that it worked when they jumped it. Replaced the fuel pump, still will not start. Now they change all 6 fuel injectors and magically the truck starts and I can pick it up on 26 March 2019, 34 days later. On 4 May 2019 I took the truck to Wisconsin for my mother’s funeral. My truck begins spewing fuel from the engine compartment. Tow it to a dealership in Wisconsin causing me to be late for my own mother’s funeral. The dealership states a fuel line was nicked and with 3,000 psi going through the line on start-up it finally ruptured. When I told them what Hall had done to my truck a little over a month prior they assured me that line most definitely came off to do the work they did. I am an aircraft mechanic. When they showed me the line you could clearly see where the wrench had slipped off the B-nut and nicked the line. I attempted to call Baker 4 times and the dealership representatives attempted another 3 times to see if they would cover the cost of replacing that line since they had been in there a little over a month ago so it should have been under warranty. Neither the dealership nor myself ever received a response from Baker. Not only was I late for the funeral, had to pay for their screw up, but I also lost a day of work because I had to wait for my truck to be repaired. I had to pay $497 for the repairs, and another $108 for a rental for 4 days. Hall never offered me a rental vehicle for any of almost 60 days my truck was with them and I could not use it. When I returned to Virginia, I again attempted to contact Baker who never responded. Eventually, I got ahold of a Service Manager, Jimmy Salsada. After explaining to him all that had transpired between his dealership and myself pertaining to this truck he said he would look into it and get back to me. He never did. Not too long after that a Customer Service representative called me. I explained to her I never intended to go back to another Hall dealership ever. I explained the situation to her. She made me an appointment to come in and my situation would be taken into account when negotiating price because no one should be forced to drive a vehicle they don’t trust. Against my better judgement, I went in to see what they could offer. My truck was a Laramie Eco-Diesel the best they could come up with was a bare bones Hemi for $150 more than what my current monthly payment was. When I voiced my frustration and explained to Pavel Spektor why I was there he was very empathetic and compassionate. He went and got the Sales Manager Christian Vorndran and for the 4th time I was rehashing all that had transpired with a representative of Hall. She said she would tell my story to the Main Sales Manager and get back to me. After attempting to contact her several times and not hearing back, I eventually just gave up and traded the truck in for a 2020 Black Widow Silverado. I’m much happier and secure in the knowledge this truck will not leave me stranded or that Chevrolet will not care if it does like Ram.

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Employees Worked With

September 02, 2020

"Great service wasnt ready to buy yet but very helpful mr...."

- jayk0303

Great service wasnt ready to buy yet but very helpful mr. Battle is an excellent salesmen was very patient.alsi was contacted many times with potwntial purchase.

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Employees Worked With

Dealership Inventory (347 Vehicles)

used 2014 Scion xB car, priced at $9,400

2014 Scion xB


used 2016 Jeep Patriot car, priced at $11,600

2016 Jeep Patriot


used 2016 GMC Yukon car, priced at $40,500

2016 GMC Yukon


used 2016 Ford Mustang car, priced at $27,100

2016 Ford Mustang


used 2017 Chrysler Pacifica car, priced at $22,100

2017 Chrysler Pacifica


used 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee car

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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