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Randy Marion Chevrolet Buick Cadillac

Mooresville, NC

1 Lifetime Review Review Dealership
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220 W Plaza Dr

Mooresville, NC



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February 12, 2019

"Lack of honesty at the dealership"

- ron

2-5-19 On Thursday January 3rd of this year I called Randy Marion Chevrolet in Mooresville N.C. to inquire about a 2017 Corvette Grand Sport 2LT that was listed on their web site and also on Cars.Com for $55854.00. It and 3 other 2017 Corvettes were listed together, all 4 cars at really good prices. They were heavily discounted I assumed due to they were actually leftover models from 2017, although new they were technically 2 years old. I explained to the sales person whose name was Josh, who I was and my reason for calling, which was to help my son find a Corvette at a good price. When I say help, I do not mean financial help but rather finding the vehicle, negotiating a price, etc. In our first conversation I told Josh that it would be cash up front, no financing, just a straight sell. In the very first conversation Josh told me his dealership was getting 4 2017 Corvettes from a dealership in N.Y. He said it had something to do with the dealership in N.Y. needing a lot of small cars and the Corvettes were part of the trade. He said they expected the cars “any moment”. I did not keep documented records of the number of calls I made over the next 2 weeks but I probably called Josh 25 or 30 times. I constantly got these answers out of Josh, “I will check with my Manager” or “I will call you this afternoon after our meeting” or “ We expect them in momentarily”, etc. I let Josh know from the start I wanted the car, I asked him several times if he wanted a deposit and I asked in the first couple of days “Who do I make out the cashiers check to?” Another thing I did was e mail my sons drivers license, supplier discount info (he works for Michelin), and Costco membership card to Josh. In the very first conversation I asked him what would be the “out the door” price. He told me he could not give that until the car arrived. I pressed him by asking what “add on” prices do you have such as dealer processing fee, prep, etc. He said there were 2 “add ons” and I do not remember the exact amounts but I think it was $799.00 for dealer admin fee and $990.00 for some sort of clean up fee. I questioned that & he said there was no way around that and every car on their lot had that fee on it. I then asked him to just give me a “ball park” guess and he said “You are looking at out the door for $61000.00”. I told him that was fine. The 2nd or 3rd day I told him my son had changed his mind & wanted one of the other Red 2017’s, the GS 3LT, which was a little cheaper. The 2LT was listed at 58479.00 and the 3LT was listed at $55854.00. Based on what Josh had told me about the “ball park” price of the 2LT being $61000.00, I knew the 3LT would be approximately $59,000.00. After getting the “ball park” price at the beginning, I didn’t really worry too much about the price but I did inquire several times about if he had gotten the “final” out the door price and Josh kept telling me how he could not get a price till the car arrived. Then one day he wasn’t there and I talked to a gentleman called Levi. I explained my situation and he assured me Josh would let me know when the car arrived. Later that day I called Josh again and he told me that someone who was “handling the N.Y. cars” was out due to water pipe problems at his home and he would be back in to work the next morning. Josh was apologetic and said “This isn’t how we do business”. The next day came and the gentleman did not come to work, still having water problems so Josh still had the excuse that until that man came into work his hands were tied. Again, as I have already stated, I did not document but I would do things like have a conversation with Josh in the morning, he would tell me he would call me back “after their meeting” and I would tell him I was going to stay at home so I could take his call and did he call? I recall him calling me back ONE time and probably failing to call me back EIGHT or TEN times when he promised he would. It was always an excuse of he was waiting to talk to the Manager or a person didn’t come into work due to frozen pipes or the cars whereabouts are unknown. In one conversation Josh mentioned that “the 2017 Corvettes” had a waiting list of people wanting to buy them. That was a red flag for me and I pinned him down and said “You do have my name on the Red 3LT don’t you?” And his answer was “Oh yeah, when it rolls in, you will be my first call, we’ve got a persons name on each of the 2017’s.” I think my son felt I might be wasting my time to continue to deal with the poor service I was getting and also not being able to come up with the whereabouts of the car but I kept telling him that Josh seemed to be telling the truth and we just needed to have patience, because in the end he would have a “new” 2017 Corvette at a really good price. About 2-3 weeks into this fiasco I told Josh I would leave him alone for a few days if he would call me immediately when the car arrived because he kept saying it would arrive “anytime”. He assured me he would and I told him I was taking him “at his word”. I didn’t call him for maybe a week and a half and my son told me this past weekend that the 2017 Corvettes had all been removed from their website! I call immediately yesterday (Monday) and Josh said “Yeah, those were all taken to our Statesville location. You will need to call them to check on them.” At the time, I thought I wasn’t really hearing what I was hearing. I thanked him and then I checked the Statesville location. They do have 2 of the 2017 Corvettes but NOT MINE. It is not at Statesville, not at Mooresville, so where is it? It was advertised for $77680 MSRP with a selling price of $55854 by Randy Marion and Cars.Com. I have the Serial number 1G1YZ2D76H5115253 and I’ve seen the Car Fax on it. I am 68 years old. I have always been a “car guy”, I love cars and trucks, I love dealing on them, cleaning on them, driving them, reading about them, etc. And I have always been a “Chevy guy”, love Chevrolets. But I have NEVER been treated this way before. Imagine all of the money and time spent by the Randy Marion dealerships on advertising, and the even bigger amount that General Motors spends on advertising and to think that a customer would call and tell the sales person he wanted a car that was selling for roughly $60,000 and the customer had the cash, wanted to put a deposit down and he gets “put off” for weeks and finally is told “Yeah, they went to the Statesville dealership, you will need to call them”, and then the car just disappears into thin air. I was persistent in pursuing this car. I was respectful each time I called, I was not rude. I did not get mad or irritated mainly because I thought I was being dealt with honestly. But honesty apparently is not part of the Randy Marion experience. Ron Lawson

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