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2180 West Yale Avenue, Englewood, Colorado 80110 Directions
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1 Review of Reliance Truck & Auto Services

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June 14, 2013

"I took my tow truck into Reliance a few months ago, the..."

- stevefutterer

I took my tow truck into Reliance a few months ago, the online reviews I found on them seemed really good and was the main reason I chose them. This was my first mistake and I didnt realize it until I received my quote from Dan Jamroz from the email majortorque@gmx.com one click on Dan`s name brought me to the reviews he had done on his own company on http://citysearch.com, http://insiderpages.com and a few other sites. Upon further inspection I noticed that the 5 or 6 reviews on each site all happened on the exact same day and within about 30 minutes of eachother. Why would a company go through all this trouble to create a good name for themselves? Well upon further review of my quote I realized why. Right off the bat, the least amount of markup on an individual part was just under 600%, most of the parts were marked up over 1000%. They quoted my just over $2400 to redo my entire front suspension. Interestingly enough parts, labor, and tax only added up to just under $2200, when I asked about the extra markup Danny at the counter seemed embarrassed, but just played dumb. Pretty steep, considering the only parts they listed that I actually needed replaced was my pitman arms. Yep, really and truly, I passed a thorough DOT inspection after many repairs were done, but not a single one that was recommended by reliance was deemed necessary. Oh and the story is not done yet, when I had to pay for their `diagnostics` before getting a quote they couldnt provide me with change and told me they would just apply the $63 I over paid to future repairs, over two weeks later I finally get the repair quote, yes, over two weeks after the diagnostic was done they finally give me their quote which is when I went and picked up my truck. Ive called Danny at the front counter many times just trying to get back what belongs to me, everytime he says `oh darnit, I put that request on so and so`s desk`, its been over a month, just give me my money. They are liars and thieves and the reason people think of mechanics as such.

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