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Kerby Lodin
Kerby  Lodin, Used Car Manager, Dave Syverson Auto Center
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Kerby Lodin

Used Car Manager

Dave Syverson Auto Center

2310 E Main St
Albert Lea, MN 56007

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March 12, 2016

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"Donna takes on all comers."

- Milo

"The competiion was keen for this award." (A plagiary from Air Force days.) The award being my not going to Fairmont instead of Dave Syverson's. The two vehicles were what could have been a "heads or tails" scenario. The "other one" had a few more dust particles to look past on the dash, (as your "Detailer" does darned good work,) during test drive and your service center looked more tweaked as well. I'm sure there will be a couple times when I can do a "change" quicker than the trip over but that's O.K. The importance of a professional look won't allow me to do that regularly. Donna is nothing less than a blessing to your reason for being @ Albert Lea...you decide what that might amount to. She has what can't be taught. Keep taking chances that some body is going to take cookies home with them. The treats area with out a few sweets to go with the complimentary coffee and "cocoa" can turn into "Tums territory" in a hurry. Tsk. Me thinks the speaker could have been exposed at the git go, but my offer to pay for it if you didn't is okay; in that when I approach good Mr. Stort roen for the "opportunity" to turn thoughts of "Dave Syverson Ford" towards you via the Faribault County Fair extravagnza, he will gleefully oblige. Fun and games. Thanks for everything. mg

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