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Responses Matter To Past & Future Customers

Responding to your reviews is critical, but few dealership teams have time to manage them every day across every platform. With AutoResponse™, our team of expert reputation management specialists will personally respond to every review for you to build your brand loyalty, show future shoppers your great customer service, and give you back valuable time to focus on the experience that generates your great reviews in the first place.

Brightlocal Local Consumer Survey, December 2019

Whenever Your Dealership Gets A Review

Our AutoResponse™ Team:

Respond Everywhere.

Whether it’s on Google, Facebook, DealerRater, or, our AutoResponse™ team will reply to your customer reviews with fresh, personal responses — creating unique content that builds customer loyalty and SEO value.

No Canned Responses.

Every AutoResponse™ message is unique to each review, period. As your customers submit reviews, they’re added to a queue that allows DealerRater’s AutoResponse™ team to respond in real-time with unique responses, specifically addressing the reviewer. And if you’d prefer to reply to a review yourself, you can always jump in and take it from the queue.

Support for Negative Review.

No matter how hard you work to provide a better customer experience, it’s nearly impossible to keep every customer satisfied. With AutoResponse™, you’ll get an alert when a negative review gets posted — already queued up with an expert response for you to either approve or edit before it’s posted.

Make The Most Of Every Opportunity

Every review is a chance to win a customer’s loyalty for life, while showing others how great your service is. With AutoResponse™ you’ll be able to make that connection automatically, every time. Sign-up today to see the impact on the the time you save and the reputation you grow.

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