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DealerRater Community Guidelines

Last updated April 2015

Submissions, including Dealer Reviews, are those of the individual poster and are their own subjective opinions and not opinions of DealerRater. We do not endorse nor are we affiliated with any dealer listed or reviewed on this Site. DealerRater reserves the right to remove any Submission in accordance with the Terms of Use, including for any Submission that fails to meet these Community Guidelines. In addition, DealerRater may ban the author from future Submissions due to their failure to comply with these Community Guidelines or as otherwise set forth in accordance with the Terms of Use. The posting of a Submission may be delayed subject to a Certified Dealer's right, if applicable, to respond to the author of such Submission prior the posting thereof. In addition, DealerRater may facilitate the interactions between Site users and dealers, but DealerRater is not a dealer advocate and DealerRater does not mediate between dealerships and the author of a Submission.

Submissions must be:

  1. About an experience that occurred within the last 12 months.
  2. Relevant to DealerRater and our visitors.
    1. There is no reason to insult anyone or use this forum to attack a dealer or a customer, or for that matter, any other Submission author. However, this is not meant to restrict your right to comment on or describe an experience.
    2. This is a forum regarding automotive dealer reviews and therefore content related to political, ethic, or religious topics is not relevant. There are plenty of other forums for that.
    3. Use of names may be appropriate when referring to a dealer experience in accordance with these Community Guidelines.
  3. Free from duplicates. Only one review per experience is permitted. We can always re-read your Submission.
  4. Free from any web links, ads, solicitations, or any other offer to other persons
  5. At least 25 words.
  6. Posted by an author or immediate family member of an author who had an experience at a dealership.
    1. Do not include content that was published by others, or any content published by yourself that appears elsewhere or that is subject to obligations of confidentiality or that you do not have permission to post here.
    2. Do no impersonate anyone or claim to be someone other than who you are.
  7. About a service or purchasing experience at a dealership.
    1. Submissions should NOT be created while on site at the dealership.
  8. Referencing an experience where the author is not affiliated with any automotive dealership or manufacturer, either currently or within the past five years and is not the spouse or immediate family member of a member of an automotive dealership or manufacturer.
  9. Free from any attempt to obtain money or services from a dealership in exchange for removing or editing a negative review.
  10. Free from any inappropriate content.
    1. Profanity (Please note: We do have a profanity filter that will “X” out inappropriate words and will not hesitate to remove words that are intended to be alternative spellings or names of inappropriate words).
    2. Obscenities.
    3. Racial and ethnic references.
    4. Physical threats or violence directed at an individual or group.
    5. References to physical appearances.
    6. References to criminal, illegal, or unethical activity or other such content intended to defraud or harm another.
  11. Public.
    1. Do not post Submissions intended to remain private or to correspond with DealerRater.
    2. Do not include private conversations with DealerRater in any Submission.
    3. Help, support, concerns, questions, and other content that is meant to be directed to DealerRater, its staff, or support should be directed to DealerRater at Contact Us.

DealerRater reserves the right to remove any post for any reason at any time. While we hope to not have to remove any Submissions, we do so in an effort to encourage others to review and post Submissions and to be helpful feedback for the dealers.