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June 08, 2004

"STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS This can translate into a very..."

- jdoggery


This can translate into a very long story, but I will try to keep it short. I saw a car here, late model Mercedes, online and then proceeded to check it at the dealer location for a drive and to see if it was what I wanted to buy. Spoke with salesman Britt when I arrived and he seemed quite nice. I went over the car and its options, etc, and pointed out a few things that were wrong, radio didn't work, cd changer missing, no car manual, etc, and I was informed that they would all be taken care of when and if I was to purchase the car. This seemed fair and so I took the car for a test drive and it all checked out. Then I left a deposit and set a pick up date so that the dealer would have time to fix what was wrong.

When I came to pick up the car, there was no cd changer and no car manual as I was promised. Then Britt says, "I'm sorry, I was speaking out of line." What does this mean? Fraud?? Advertising and then selling the final car without what is advertised, promised?

From this point on I dealt with Matt, which I later found out his name was Arman, and then when I took maters to the legal stage found out his name was Alhyar. This worried me. How many nicknames does on person have?

Anyways, Arman, eventually agreed that they were at fault and they would pay for a cd changer, but then would not give me the money for what it would cost. He just stopped answering my responses, refused my letters, and I guess believed that the situation was solved. Needless to say I took the matter to the courts.

Moral of the story. Make sure you have everything in writing and signed by both parties. Do not trust what they say. "It will be fixed means nothing." I will definatley take a video camera, tape recorder to my next automobile purchase so that the salesman does not try to cheat me out of what is right.

Of course this is a very short story of what happened. More problems occured along the way were difficult to deal with including warrenty issues, and smog problems.


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