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Bob Leavitt Auto + Truck


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5 Rte 125, Kingston, New Hampshire 03848 Directions
Sales: (603) 642-3111

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1 Review of Bob Leavitt Auto + Truck

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November 02, 2015


- vinmunster

I found the truck perfect truck for me. I have been looking for a few months. I live almost 4 hours away, in Maine. I dealt online with one of the sales people. The truck I wanted was listed for $39,995, and it books for only $36,000. I understand starting high, to try to get book value out of a vehicle, I have no problem, with that. I asked for a price, and the quoted me $37,500. OK... Fine. They are still asking far too much for the truck, but maybe it's because they are worried that I am going to try to trade in some junk that they have to show me more money for than it's worth. So, I ask if they can give me an idea of what they would give me for my truck. They tell me they certainly can, if I provide pictures and the VIN. So, I did. 4 days later, nothing, another day goes by and I tell them I really need to know what they can do for me, so I can make plans to drive to NH on my only day off of the week. Still, nothing. So, I submit another internet lead and ask what the delay is. One of the Owners, Bob, replies back and says he doesn't know what I am talking about, because there is a log of e-mails back and forth between the sales person and myself. I said yes, but he told me he would get me an estimate on my trade, and never has. Bob then replies "we are not just going to throw a number out there, it's time to call us or stop by with the trade, we have gone as far as we can with emails" Just like that. No proper grammar or anything. So, I replied that it was very disappointing that I was told six days prior that they could give me a figure, and it wouldn't be a problem. I explain I buy a truck every 18-24 months (which is no exaggeration, though it's closer to every year). So, then a different owner, Mike, replies "Hi Mike your trade is a little too new for us. Thank you for your time" I have a 2013 Chevy Silverado Z71 Crew Cab. They have two 2013s available for sale, as well as a 2015. Terrible customer service! Also, never in the last 18 years and 16 cars I've had, have I ever been told I can't get a reasonable estimate over the phone or online. I even told them about the small things like it will need new tires, and has a small dent. I was up front and honest with them. That's all I asked for from them, and they couldn't deliver.

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