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Carlson's Motor Sales


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13 Manchester St, Concord, New Hampshire 03301 Directions
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1 Review of Carlson's Motor Sales

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June 09, 2014

"Bought a used car from Carlson's......very bad experience"

- Dawnlp

I had brought my car into Carlson's for an inspection and was told it was junk and wouldn't pass inspection. Feeling devastated and at the end of a month I need a vehicle within 5 days. They sold me a Chrysler Pacifica that appeared to be in great shape. I took it for a short test drive on a smooth road and it felt okay. I was used to driving a sportier vehicle so it was different. Within 48 hours I noticed that the left front strut bounced a lot after hitting bumps. I brought the car back a week later to have them check the strut when they inspected it per telephone conversations there. They checked it, said they couldn't find anything and slapped a NH inspection sticker on it. I brought it back 5 days later because when you hit a bump on the highway you had to hold onto the wheel with two hands as the left front made the car bounce around, and on the highway this was concerning, as well as the AC stopped working. They ended up replacing the left front strut as they were told from the beginning it was bad and they replaced the left front tie rod that was also bad, which caused them to realign the vehicle and they zapped a small dose of AC Freon as a temporary fix (this lasted a couple days). I received a voice mail from the owner telling me that I did not have an extended warranty on the vehicle, that they fixed these issues out of their good will, and that it all went unappreciated....I still have this voicemail saved if anyone wants to hear it. I had been a loyal service customer there for years, and this is how they treat you when you buy a car from them. I do not like to leave negative reviews, but felt I had to. If they do this to a regular customer I cannot imagine what they would do if I weren't. I have since have had to take the car to a new garage and have the condenser replaced $525 out of my pocket. Shame on Carlson's for treating a customer like this.....a former customer.

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