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September 24, 2014

"Absolute Rip Off!"

- Jason Mallory

My pregnant fiance and I purchased a 2003 Ford Mustang with 149,000 miles with a six month warranty and a 15 day lemon law. We were told that this was a reliable vehicle without any issues. When we were about to take the vehicle, the convertible top had issues. They fixed the top and we took the vehicle. I came back within a few days stating the shocks hit extremely hard and the indicator lights such as the theft and ABS indicators came on and off randomly. Don said that was typical of the vehicle and they all did this. Within 3000 miles we had an issue with the vehicle overheating. We had the warranty service tow the vehicle back to the dealership. Don had one of his mechanic shops look at the vehicle. The mechanic stated that someone had poured oil in the coolant reserve and that caused the overheating. We took the vehicle back. Within a week the vehicle started having the indicator lights such as the theft, ABS, and Trac Off, and Service Engine Soon lights as well as the temperature gauge shooting up to overheating. The AC stopped working. I drove the vehicle to Don and had him look at it. He started it up and no indicator lights came on and the temperature was normal. I stated that it was random and happens intermittently. I turned off the vehicle and stated it again. At this point the temperature gauge went all the way to overheating, the Service Engine Soon light came on, the theft light started blinking, and the ABS light came on. The AC stopped working. Don then took it to a different mechanic. The mechanic replaced the water pump and the radiator and flushed the cooling system. We got the vehicle back and still had issues with indicator lights coming on and off. Sometimes just the ABS light, sometimes the ABS and Trac Off, sometimes ABS, Trac Off, and Service Engine soon. The vehicle started having dimming issues with the headlights where the lights appeared dim. The dash lights would dim too. Within two weeks the battery died. We replaced the battery and this fixed the issue for over a week. We then had the front passenger tire blow out due to bad sidewalls. Replaced the tire. The indicator lights started coming on and off at random times and the brakes started acting up as well as the dimming in the dash lights happening. We were coming home from Yuma when we blew the rear driver tire. The sidewalls blew out on this tire as well. We started taking off and within 50 miles the car started stalling and having issues of low acceleration and Service Engine Soon and the Theft light came on. We pulled over and checked the fuel shutoff switch. This switch is frozen in place and can't be reset. I bypassed the switch and the vehicle made it home. It still has the Service engine soon light on, stalls when idling, theft abs and trac off light stay on. This vehicle has had a total of five break down issues

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