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Coliseum Motor Co


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131 E 5th St, Casper, Wyoming 82601 Directions
Sales: (307) 237-8491

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1 Review of Coliseum Motor Co

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September 27, 2016

"Where customer service is #2"

- horqua

I recommend you avoid Coliseum Motors unless you're desperate to purchase a specific car on their lot. Because I didn't do all of y homework, I was charged $4K more than my used car was valued on CarFax. I caught the salesman in a lie when he stated their service dept had gone thru the vehicle and changed or topped off all the fluids because it was obvious the oil had not been changed in 5000 miles and the engine was dirty. After paying cash and handing them the check, they did the "Öh, by the way, there's only 1 key fob for your car". My car has a pushbutton start and there are no physical keys. How's my wife supposed to use my car without her own key fob? A second key fob is going to cost me an additional $150 for the device and programming. I've asked the salesman three times to find me another key fob and he just shrugs his shoulders and says Öh well, the car came with only 1 fob". REALLY?!?! I PAID THEM $26K CASH for this car and they can't find me a $150 key (which they can easily buy at a discount since they're in the car business). Another thing, they will provide you with a document on a vehicle called AutoCheck Vehicle History Report which is barely informational or accurate. Do your diligence and buy a real CarFax based on the VIN# of the vehicle you want or are buying. Coliseum doesn't report service info such as when the oil is changed or the tires are rotated. This is important info because as part of the vehicle's history, it shows how well your used vehicle was maintained. Reputable dealerships and service shops report their service on all vehicles. A CarFax report will show when and where a vehicle was registered, if it's been in an accident or flood, if it has a lien against it, if the oil was changed, tires rotated, radiator flushed, engine repaired and a whole lot of other important details. For me, this is a lesson learned. Coliseum has a beautiful building but it's just a facade for used car dealership where the sales people believe anything goes as long as you sell the car. I'm sure there are auto dealerships that not only look great, but also give you first class service. Sadly, Coliseum Motors is not one of them. I'm really disappointed with Coliseum Motors. I recommend you take your business somewhere else.

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