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Antonyo  Hairston, Sales, Crown Volvo Cars

Antonyo Hairston

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June 14, 2018

"The Worst dealership there is ever!"

- Very umhappy customer of CROWNS

I bought a used van from this place only to find out they never checked out the van at all, they were supposed to do a 130 point check which I felt was a good thin=g to do for the used van I was buying from them. Unfortunately for me they did not even bother to open the hood at all, the battery thermals were total full of corrosion and the battery box that the battery was in was half full of water, I found this out when I had to replace the battery the next day after getting the van, that cost me about $200, and then I took my Grand kids to Great Wolf Lodge, it would not start after getting there and checking in, had to have it towed to a car shop to fix it, they told me the charging system was bad and they had to replace the alternator which cost me over $700 more on top of the cost of the van and the new battery. I called Todd the service manger there and got his voice mail and of course never heard back from him, I went to the dealership and they would not do anything about the problems or anything at all to make me happy with my purchase from them . STAY AWAY FROM ANY CRWONS IF THEY TEART THEIR CUSTOMERS THIS WAY! IF I HAVE MADE SDOMEONE NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM THEN AT LEAST I SAVED THAT PERSON FROM THRE BULL I GOT FROM THEM!

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Antonyo Hairston
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.

January 03, 2018

"Car purchase"

- Mpperry

Great service in the buying process. Desi was knowledgeable and patient. Shopped ALL dealerships in 100 mile radius and they were the best!!! Managers, Matt and Rolando were great too,

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Employees Worked With

Desi, Matt and Rolando

December 27, 2016

"Bad service "

- Dwhit123

Hello my name is Duane Whitlock and I am writing to address my dissatisfaction with the service that I received from the service department and the issues that they have caused to me. Well for starters my initial interaction was not met very well when I went in for diagnostic service. I explained to the gentleman that my car needed a full diagnostic and that I noticed I was also loosing power. I overheard him quote one customer a diagnostic fee of $125, and then when he got to me he told me the diagnostic was $169. I asked him what was the difference between mines and the other customer. He looked at me peculiar because he was unaware that I overheard him quote the older white gentleman a lower cost. The rep was rude and stated “oh ok, well ill give it to you at that price”. When I explained to him the issue with the car, he would not let me finish my statement and replied, “ we will take care of it”. I was already upset and said fine. Alter they checked the car which took less than an hour; he said that it was the alternator. I asked about the other diagnostics as well and he said that he couldn't find the paperwork and that the first thing the came across was the alternator issue. I asked him about what other issues do the check for and he replied yet again “everything”. He came back with a quote for the alternator service. I asked him about the other issues I felt was wrong with the car and he replied that he didn't have the paperwork yet to show what else was going on with the car. He quoted me prices for the alternator and I thought it was too pricey and stated that my wife was too order one and the rep said that they could put it in my car. Well we ordered one to have it put on through the Volvo service center despite how the rep treated me. Well when it arrived my wife was not happy with how the rep treated us compared to the other customers upon our return. We called and found someone else who could put the alternator on after the same service center rep stated that he could not find our keys for over 2 hours. He found a set of keys and asked me were they my keys and I explained to him that they were not my keys. He told another Volvo rep “an older black gentlemen” to go and try the key anyway. I replied that they weren’t my keys; he said that they were the same key to a Volvo S80 and that they would try the key. Well when they tried the key after I stated that they weren’t my keys, he said that the key fit into the slot and that they had to use a jump box the try to start the car, but the key would not ignite. I said yes because that wasn't my key. The same service center rep said to me “I gave you your key when you first got here last week” I replied sir you didn't give me my key, and why would I have my key. He said I remember that I gave you the key. My wife was getting pissed because the service rep was rude and talking to us like this in front of customers. Well as I explained 2 hours later he found the key and said “I just remembered where I put it” They went out to move the car across the street for the tow truck to move the car and I immediately realized that the key would not work remotely as it did when I first brought the car in for service, nor did he give me the full diagnostic papers. I went right back into the building and asked him about both. The rep stated that he would have to charge me for another diagnostic. I asked him about the first one and he acted as if I never requested one. And about the key fob not working he said that he knew nothing about that. I asked him did his insertion of the other key into the fob break the ejection and cause the (immobilizer see manual) to come on and he stated that his insertion of a wrong key into the system would not trigger that to come on. I explained to him that something happened because within 10 minutes of being there the fob is not recognized as being my key. I started to get pretty upset and loud, then he said just bring the car back in and I will run another diagnostic. I brought the car back in on Monday and after waiting 3 hours he stated that there were some sensor issues but he was not a tech so he said he couldn't fully explain the issues to me. I asked him about the key issue and he stated that they don't check that and that that's a whole other service. I asked him why, because I felt like he did something to trigger that immobilizer to cut on and he stated that he didn't know what I was talking about, when we discussed it prior. I asked to speak to the technician, and he replied that they were busy and that I would have to wait for about an hour or more or that he could get the rep to call me. Well I am still waiting, haven’t heard from a rep, my key still isn’t recognizing my car, and the diagnostic still hasn't been explained to me. I am extremely upset because I noticed how different the “Other Customers” were treated and I felt like my family and I were treated in a form of disrespect. My family loves Volva and my mother and Aunt always buys their cars from you all. This experience has placed a sour taste in my mouth and I am not sure what to think about the brand as a whole if these are the types of practices and people that you employ to represent the Volvo service and brand.

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Employees Worked With

Melvin Brower

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