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Grimes Motors


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3401 Highway 12 East, Helena, Montana 59601 Directions
Sales: (800) 431-9039

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1 Review of Grimes Motors

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July 30, 2008

"I was very disappointed with the service at grimes. I did..."

- drizzdog

I was very disappointed with the service at grimes. I did my research, looked up many possible loan choices & prices for the vehicles I was looking for. I saw on grimes motors website an add for a vehicle. I looked into the vehicle & financing through their website & through phone contact/email contact. Offered me different prices for the car. After receiving an offer of 11,700, I said that was too high, I was shooting for around 9500. Private party value for the car was a little over 9,000. It had low miles & it seemed fair but if they couldn't do swing it, that was fine I didn't need a car. They came back to me & said they'd meet me half way and do around 10,500. I said it was unacceptable & they said okay we'll work with it, just come in for a test drive the next day. I said okay I'd be in at 10 the next day. Next day rolls around and I showed up at 9:45 and I come to find out the vehicle is in the shop supposedly getting a headlight fixed. Well fine, I take the test drive, it goes pretty normal and I come inside to talk about pricing, they don't remember quoting me the half way mark. At this point most of my contact had been with the clearly short tempered and snobbish salesman named johnnie. Well they bring out the big boss & he comes in offering me roughly a grand over what I want to pay, back to the 10,500. I say no I can't do that and book is only over 9,000 and if you can't do that, fine. Well the big boss gets up in arms and says "we aren't a retail outfit, we don't sell things at cost" and also claims book is around 13. Well I called him on it and he goes into his office and brings out a sheet of paper that is a NADA suggested retail price of an excellent condition trailblazer. Not private party and not good condition. The vehicle had several things broken inside the car, it had a few knicks and scrapes, but was in overall good condition. Upon receiving the piece of paper, I was told "i Ican see we can't do business" and they started pushing in chairs basically telling us to leave. They even had the nerve to demand the printed out book value paper back. Later I was stewing over it so I once again looked up on it & faxed over a copy of exactly what I was looking at along with a note explaining that I wasn't pleased with the way I was treated. Well I get a phone call 5 minutes later & instead of apologizing, I get "Well my boss told me to call you." speech which means he wouldn't have called to apologize anyway. Then he proceeds to argue what options I put on to find that number. UNBELIEVEABLE. No appologies, just more arguing and more confrontation. If they had just said, I don't think this vehicle is in your budget, you want too low a price and suggested a lower vehicle, that would have been fine. Instead I get rude service from the bottom up and a pretty good sized headache. I did wind up purchasing a 02 trailblazer for the price of 7889 and it did have higher miles but I was treated fairly and with respect.

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