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1290 50th St E, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota 55077
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Aaron  Liskiewicz, Sales Manager, Inver Grove Hyundai

Aaron Liskiewicz

Sales Manager
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November 10, 2017

"2017 review"

- luanne.leibel Verified Customer

Best experincentives I've had buying a vehicle. The staff was helpful and willing to go above and beyond to satisfy my needs. I am short and had a special need to reach the back hatch. It was taken care of before I left . They also made sure I could reach easily.

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Hanafy Mahmoud, Aaron Lisl

October 27, 2017

"Poor Service Ever Since Saxon Auto Group Buy-Out 6 Months Ag"

- ARPike

To Whom It May Concern, This is regarding Inver Grove Hyundai, recently acquired by Saxon Auto Group. Its location is 1290 50th Street East Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077. I am writing to inform you of the terrible service in the service/repair department of this particular Hyundai dealership, only ever since this dealership was bought by Saxon Auto Group in May of 2017. They are tarnishing the good name of Hyundai. I’ve had my car serviced at this location for the past four years, an oil change for every 3,750 miles, tire rotations every 7,500, and every single prescribed maintenance item listed in the schedule. I had my care serviced there well over 20 times. Before the acquisition of Inver Grove Hyundai by Saxon Auto Group, this mechanic shop was the best in the state, or perhaps country. So much so, that this Hyundai dealership won an award for best service department from Hyundai corporate. Those are the good old days. Days bygone. I had my car serviced there today, October 27th 2017. It was terrible service, compared to what I am used to before the dealer was bought by Saxon Auto Group. They have moved to a business format where customer service is near the bottom of the list of priorities, and making as much money as possible is at the very top of the list. The customer suffers grievously in the process. They have already lost many key members of the old team since Saxon Auto Group bought the place. Sam, the service manager I had come to rely on for years, doesn’t work there anymore. I am guessing that the new owners alienated her to the point that, she just didn’t care anymore. I heard she lost her job for calling in sick, when she wasn’t sick. But who can blame her, when the changes brought on by new owners included pestering longtime customers about 7,000-mile maintenance inspections for $120 that aren’t listed in their maintenance schedule in their owner’s manual. Trying to sucker people into paying more money was the last thing on Sam’s mind. Her customer service was always top-notch, and she made sure that you got the best deal possible. She would apply any coupons there were, even if you didn’t have them, so their already lower prices were more than comparable with other mechanic’s rates. Dealerships are known for their outrageously high prices, and now that Saxon Auto Group owns Inver Grove Hyundai, this dealership joins them in on the trend. Prices have gone way up. Saxon Auto Group took away the ability for customers to earn Hyundai Reward Points to redeem for service credits. The don’t offer any coupons through e-mail or on their web site, except for a 10% off coupon for their superfluous and redundant “maintenance package” service. This is the very same “maintenance package” that the employees are forced to tell every customer about when they bring their car in for service. It costs $120 and includes oil change, tire rotation, and an “inspection.” I get free tire rotations because I bought my tires there. The new guy didn’t know that (I don’t blame him), but usually it would have been taken care of automatically. I told him three times that I get free tire rotations, and he still continued to try to sell me this maintenance package that isn’t listed in my owner’s manual. Most of the stuff listed in the “inspection” is already done for free with every oil change, so that the dealership can catch any problems and charge you boatloads of money to get it fixed, like the brakes, tire wear/pressure, ect. I pay enough to maintain my vehicle, and Inver Grove Hyundai owned by Saxon Auto Group is trying to get the unaware to pay more money, for service they don’t need. If my girlfriend would have taken the car in for service, she easily would have been swindled into paying $120+, instead of $50 (yes $50 for an oil change on a little car) for the services we needed. She wouldn’t have thought about free tire rotations because we bought them there, because that was always taken care of automatically. She also isn’t educated on the maintenance schedule, so would have been easily misled and probably been ripped off. Then the guy is looking up in the book if my Elantra is a “turbo,” because there was more maintenance involved that he could sell me if I had a “turbo.” The old employees would never have hassled me at all about maintenance that I don’t need, and I believe that is why the old employees have moved on. The real salt in the wound was that I tried to use the “10% off maintenance” coupon on my 48,750-mile maintenance appointment, which only included an oil change and tire rotation. He said he couldn’t accept it because it was only good for their rip-off maintenance package for $120. They are selling $30, 000 cars right outside the door that I could be inclined to purchase one day, yet they are nitpicking me $4 on an oil change I am getting ripped-off on anyway. He said he would talk to the manager about it and get back to me. They can’t just give me $5 off on the spot, which they ended up doing in the end. I used to pay $33 for an oil change, car wash, and complete inspection before Saxon Auto Group, now I pay $48 for an oil change and a more basic inspection. A 45% increase on price with no coupons offered anywhere (except for the 5$ they gave me off because I complained). Then trying to sell me a “7,000-mile maintenance package” not listed in the owner’s manual that includes tire rotations that I get for free, which should be clear from looking at my file. It is offensive. I am at the point, where I would recommend to everybody that they don’t use Inver Grove Hyundai, or any Saxon Auto Group dealership, for your servicing and car-buying needs. One last point, as I was checking out with the secretary and paying my bill, I mentioned all of the above with the secretary. That is when a man, another customer, engaged us in the conversation and said that he had been buying cars for 40 years, and Inver Grove Hyundai used to be the best mechanic shop, and after Saxon Auto Group bought it, the service has been awful! He said he bought his car at Inver Grove Hyundai because of the excellent service department from the past! The gentleman and I expressed many of these sentiments listed above. The employees I interacted with were fine, they are just doing their jobs. I get that. But Saxon Auto Group needs to focus a little more on the customer, instead of squeezing every last penny out of them, and they will reap more profits in the long term and have much better public relations. Thanks for your time. -Andrew P.¬

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Other Employees : Joe Stifter

July 06, 2017

"Couldnt have been happier about my experience"

- mlaningham002 Verified Customer

I couldn't have been happier with my leasing experience. The salesperson, Ashley, really went out of her way to make sure my needs were met, and beyond that, that I would be completely happy with my new lease. I had just been downsized from my job of 9 years, and I know this could have made for a very difficult situation when my prior lease ended, but as I said, the dealership worked with me and found me a wonderful car with affordable payments. When most dealerships would have likely turned me away because of my job situation, Ashley and everyone I dealt with treated me very, very well, and I'll never forget it.

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Ashley M.

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