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Joe Marina Motors


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7815 East 92nd Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74147 Directions
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1 Review of Joe Marina Motors

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March 25, 2004

"I bought my used 1997 Acura 2.2 CL in July of 2000, with..."

- fdiaz74

I bought my used 1997 Acura 2.2 CL in July of 2000, with 43K miles. I went ahead and purchased the extended warranty. Well, I took my car into Joe Marina Honda, on 3/17/02, because my ABS light came on. The warranty company supplied me with a rental. Melinda at the honda service dept., told me that they could not diagnose it because it was an Acura. Aren't they bascially the same cars? Anyways, they sent my car over to the local Acura dealership. Acura's diagnosis? The ABS Modulator and Brake accumalator were both bad. Acura went ahead and put in the call to the warranty company for a "go ahead" to fix my car. The warranty company went ahead and called around for parts (standard procedure). Acura did not want to use anyone else's parts but there own, so Acura rejected fixing my car. Now, my car goes back over to Joe Marina Honda with a diagnosis. The parts are ordered and on their way to Joe Marina. One week later, Melinda, unfriendly as can be, calls me at tells me my car is ready. I get off of work, pick my daughter up form daycare, and head on over to the rental car place to turn in my car. After that the rental place drives us over to Joe Marina and drops us off. Again, Melinda, unfriendly as can be, tells me to pay for the $50 deductible at the cashier. No hi how are you doing, NOTHING! Keep in mind since I took my car, she has been this way. Anyways, I paid my $50 and I head on out the door. My car was sitting there, door open, running and ready to go. YEAH RIGHT! I strap my little girl and I get in...GUESS WHAT? MY ABS LIGHT IS STILL ON! I immediately get out of the car and notified them. Melinda immediately she starts to get defensive and proceeds to tell me that I have to take it back to Acura....@#$@! No apologies, no nothing! I was furious, but had to keep my cool....my little girl was right there with me. I asked them why did they call me if my car was not FIXED! i TOLD THEM TO FIX IT! At that time she tells me that I have to talk to the Service Manager and darts off. Well, here I am standing outside, talking with a salesman, watching them scramble, through the glass service door. I finally unstrap my little girl and walk in there and asked them what going on?! Melinda was on the phone with the rental people to come pick me up. Quick as can be, the rental guy was there to pick us up. I told them to fix my car and left. What a horrible experience! Melinda is a very bad asset to that company!

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