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Johnsons At Stillwater Inc


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2201 N Boomer Rd, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74075 Directions
Sales: (405) 377-7766

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1 Review of Johnsons At Stillwater Inc

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September 13, 2009

"They say they have this "corporate policy" tht requires..."

- bribeaver1

They say they have this "corporate policy" tht requires you submit to having your photogragh taken when you purchase a car from them. Yet they will not show you were it is written. If you decline the offer to have your photo taken, the man gets all red faced and angry and says it is in your contract.When asked to show where you signed that little permission area, he reiterates with it is corporate policy. THIS IS MY FACE< MY BODY. I do not want it plastered on some wall for others to look at. Or on some website where they say "hey, look at all our happy customers!!" Again, It is my face. I should have the right to say no. Just because a person has bad credit doesn't mean they do not have rights. This care dealership was MORE THAN HAPPY to take my down, and agree to give me a car. Then at the end basically state you can't have it unless you give in and let them take your picture. This should be illegal, as it IS MY FACE! I felt viloated and bullied by the car salesman.AND you can be assured I WILL tell EVERYONE that will listen that they did so. One irate determined customer is all it takes to cost a business thousands of dollars.But they do not car, since they put on the airs of "I am doing you a favor, selling you a car" They know that those of us who have messed up in the past have NO CHOICE but to go through them. AND then they are bullies and TELL you what you are going to do. AFTER they take your down payment and AFTER they have you sign the contract. I had purchased form them before and was told I did not have to have my picture taken, So i chose to go back. I should have stayed with the slightly higher quote I had from Car Mart. Atleast there, I was not bullied or pushed about.

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