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Koons Used Outlet


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5980 Belair Rd, Baltimore, Maryland 21206 Directions
Sales: (877) 529-5778

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1 Review of Koons Used Outlet

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July 12, 2009

"Koons used car outlet currently advertise "WE WANT YOUR..."

- ministerpaul

Koons used car outlet currently advertise "WE WANT YOUR TRADE! 120% of Kelly Blue Book for your! Get your WOW price now!". I was curious because that would practically pay off my trade. So I submitted my car information and soon received a call from Dan at Koons Baltimore used car outlet. I asked about the 120% KBB value and if it applied to new cars...he said no it only applies to used cars. I saw nothing I wanted so we ended the call. I searched Koons in Virgina a saw a 06 Infiniti M45, so I call Dan back who in the previous call promise he could get anything I wanted from within the Koons used car division. Unfortunately I was greeted by Slick Rick the Father of all lies, who rudely began questioning me about my trade. He took some information about my car and told it would only be worth about $7000.00. I snapped back that KBB valued my car at $9350 in Good condition. He asked me where I got my information and I told him the same place Koons got theirs Kelly Blue Book. He told me they would only be able to offer fair value, but fair value for my 05 Dodge Durango was over $8000. I told him to immediately halt credit application and banged on him (slammed the phone). The next day the manager Bernadette call and asked me if I was still interested in purchasing a car. I told her no. She asked why, so I explained the situation with Rick trying to royally lowball my trade. She said she would give me the 120% KBB because managers are authorized to do so. I asked why the story change? She said well you didn't hear it from. I asked would be able to get the 06 Infiniti M45. She said only cars that were on her lot. I told her I was not interested and halt my application. I also explained to her that I did not appreciate the bait and switch tactics employed by Koons and would not be doing business with Koons ever. Unfortunately they didn't know I did plenty of research on the car game at Edmunds.com and was well aware of these exact games car dealers use to con unsuspecting customers. So buyer beware of Koons and any other car dealership that baits you in their showroom with one promise and breaks it during the deal....just get up and walk out.

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