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2449 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, California 95825
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January 20, 2018

"Never again. "

- Castro Family

When finally signing the purchase paperwork (after a very long seven (7) hours) the salesman & finance manager advised us the "anti theft device" they installed on the vehicle was an additional $895 which would be added into the loan. When I told them to take it off since I wasn't interested as the vehicle already came with On-Star, they said they couldn't take it off and that I would have to pay the $895 if I wanted the vehicle. Well almost everything else was acceptable on the vehicle- except for a couple minor repairs and the weird chemical smell of the vehicle which they said they would detail the interior for us and it should be fine. Of course- as they knew would happen - we purchased the vehicle anyway after 7 hours of sheer exhaustion. Yes, Shame on us. But hopefully we can deter any other people from getting ripped off as we did by Kuni with their shameful sales scam. By the way, the service department rarely answers their phone and after 2 months since the vehicle purchase, the interior has still not been resolved of the chemical smell. We have completed their on-line customer service satisfaction survey and to no surprise, have not been contacted by anybody at Kumi for any attempt at resolution. Stay away from this dealership-we will never again purchase from Kuni in Sacramento.

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