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14800 Sheridan Street, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33331
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Les Cutler, New Car Sales, Lauderdale BMW of Pembroke Pines

Les Cutler

New Car Sales
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Chelsea Marshall, Social Media Specialist, Lauderdale BMW of Pembroke Pines

Chelsea Marshall

Social Media Specialist
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March 04, 2018


- no name

overall a fairly positive experience. no wi fi in sales area. fairly friendly staff. salesperson was courteous. nothing else more to say about it. thanks

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frank fuze

January 08, 2018

"Gentleman's Agreement "

- Upsetbirthdaychic

Gave one star, cause I had too. My husband had been conversating for 2 day through online inquiry. We connected with one sales agent then another. No communication between the two sales agents in the dealership, we had to explain that another sales agent had been in contact with us. Both giving different quotes, trade in value and payment costs. Total disconnect in dealership. We drive over 3+ hours from the west coast to east cost of Florida to find the car was sold. No communication... completely disappointed. Beyond words... very unhelpful, unprofessional. They could really care less that we are going

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Employees Worked With

Colin and Ronai ??

December 05, 2017

"2018 X3 M40i"


The five star rating is primarily due to our experience with Ivan Jurado. After deciding to purchase a 2018 X3 M40i and defining the configuration and trade-in on the BMW web site, we were contacted by many dealers while we were at our summer home in North Carolina (primary home is in Coral Gables). Ivan at BMW of Pembroke Pines was by far the most responsive regarding our needs and in determining the tentative value and logistics of the Lexus trade-in. He then outlined a reasonable deal on the purchase even before our return to South Florida. On that basis we placed an order and did not follow-up with any other dealers. After our return to South Florida, he met us on his day off to confirm the trade valuation and took us on our first test drive in an X3 M40i. He also confirmed the preliminary deal we had made remotely from NC. On delivery day, he texted a photo of our vehicle on the truck to confirm its arrival and we set a time for delivery. On our arrival at BMW of Pembroke Pines, he kept us informed about the issues (i.e. a software problem in the vehicle). He also found additional BMW discounts for financing and loyalty, thus improving the original deal. We were pleasantly surprised and closed that afternoon. Several days after delivery we noted that one of the Driver Guides was missing. Ivan tracked it down and had it delivered to our home. Due to his attentiveness we will surely contact Ivan first for future BMW purchases.

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Employees Worked With

Ivan Jurado

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