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October 26, 2019

"Dealer not responsive to customer concerns"

- Cyrbones

This dealer did not address my concerns with the vehicle not having at least 2 keys, not having a physical manual in the vehicle and not providing the door entry code. The dealer only provided one key for the vehicle I purchased. I had to spend an additional $361.06 to obtain two additional keys for the vehicle and an enormous amount of time and frustration to get this done. If the next vehicle I am looking to purchase does not come with at least two keys, I will walk away from the deal. This is how frustrating obtaining the added keys was for me. The vehicle I purchased has many features and requires a manual to use them properly. I purchased a manual on ebay for $24.98. This should tell you how little the dealer cares about customers when they won't provide something so basic and cheap. As far as the door entry code goes, I researched and found the code without any expense other than my time and effort. This is something that should have been provided to me as part of the vehicle purchase. Additionally, the dealer sold me an overpriced service contract and Protection package that is basically covers the same things as my car insurance. They did not provide me with an information sheet that tells me what the service contract covers. I had to contact the service contract company myself and have them send me the information I needed. I even called the dealership asking about this documentation and they only said it should be with my papers and it was not. They did not offer to send this information to me. My overall experience with Murphy Motors is that they want to sell you a vehicle without addressing any reasonable concerns, sell you a service plan that you don't need and not provide any further assistance. I don't feel that I could call them and have any questions answered satisfactorily. By contrast, I have purchased many used vehicles from Capital Ford and have always felt like I was getting my money's worth and being provided all the things the vehicle should have. Now I have a major problem with the vehicle that is going to cost around $2000 to fix and the expensive service plan I paid $3900 for doesn’t cover it! Shopping at Murphy Motors has become a costly mistake!

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